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Call for proposals for RTD activities for the promotion of innovation management techniques

The European Commission, DG XIII, has published a call for proposals for research and technological development (RTD) activities for the promotion of innovation management techniques, under its specific programme for the dissemination and optimization of research and technological development, including demonstration (INNOVATION programme).

Organizations eligible to participate in this programme are invited to submit proposals for the promotion of innovation management techniques through:

- 1) Projects to strengthen the know-how of national and regional organizations, both in the public and private sectors, promoting innovation management techniques among SMEs;

- 2) Accompanying measures fostering transnational exchange of knowledge and methodological practice in the promotion and use of these techniques towards SMEs. These accompanying measures would be aimed at national and regional organizations, both in the public and private sectors, with a remit to promote innovation management techniques.

Proposals should be aimed at supporting the efforts of national and regional organizations, both in the public and private sectors, in promoting innovation management techniques. These techniques include, inter alia, marketing of innovation, technology watch, intellectual property rights, quality management, design and value analysis.

Proposals should seek to raise awareness of and develop experience relating to the design and monitoring of public support schemes promoting these techniques.

- Criteria specific to proposals for projects.

Proposals for projects should provide for a number of innovation consultancy assignments in SMEs sufficient to create a body of experience which, properly disseminated, will have a demonstrable effect on the adoption of innovation management techniques in companies. Proposals must include a phase for the dissemination of experience gained as regards:

- Good practice in the management of such projects;
- Methodologies developed in the field of innovation management techniques;
- Results achieved by SMEs.

Proposals for accompanying measures should encourage transnational networking of national and regional actors in this field, aimed at the exchange of knowledge and experience and the dissemination of good practice. They will facilitate the voluntary harmonization of practice and competencies across borders.

Community financial assistance is available in order to facilitate the participation of organizations in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the countries of the former Soviet Union. Further details regarding the participation of non-member countries are given in the information package.

Detailed information concerning the work programme, the procedure to follow for the submission of proposals (Information Package) and the standard contract that will be established in respect of selected proposals, are available on request from the Commission's services. The description of work undertaken in previous programmes and related activities will also be provided upon request.

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