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Call for proposals for RTD projects in the field on non-nuclear energy

The European Commission, DG XVII, has published a call for proposals for RTD projects under its specific programme for research and technological development, including demonstration, in the field of non-nuclear energy (1994-1998).

The present call covers the following areas of the above-mentioned programme:

- Area 3: Renewable energy sources:

. 3.2.A. - R&D projects on solar photovoltaic energy:
. 3.2.A.1. - R&D on PV cells in thin film (in particular CdTe, chalcopyrites and amorphous Si) and of other promising materials in order to improve their efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness;
. R&D on PV cells for light-concentrating devices;
. 3.2.A.4. - R&D and design of low-cost PV systems, including: innovative systems in the power range up to a few kWp, either stand-alone (including suitable storage) or grid-connected; improvement of system reliability, performance and lifetime (up to 20 years); advanced tracking and concentrating devices; adaptation of low-consumption electrical appliances to PV supply;
. 3.2.A.5. - R&D on pre-standardization of cells and modules;
. New research on complete system qualification and pre-normative design;

. 3.4.A. - R&D projects on wind energy:
. 3.4.A.3. - R&D on newly developed design principles and machine-oriented components (electricity generators, blades, etc.) for improved performance and cost of wind turbines, incorporating flexibility of design (fine tunable for local wind, turbulence and grid regimes and needs);

. 3.5.A. - R&D projects on energy from biomass:
. 3.5.A.2. - R&D on combined heat and power production based on gasification of biomass.

Only research and technological development work carried out as shared-cost projects (R&D projects) in accordance with the implementing rules set out in Annex III to the Council Decision adopting the above-mentioned specific programme will be taken into consideration in the context of this call for proposals. Between ECU 25 and ECU 30 million has been ear-marked for the projects selected under this call for proposals.

The work programme, the information package concerning the procedures to be followed for the submission of proposals and a copy of the model contract to be drawn up for the accepted proposals are available from the Commission on request. A description of work carried out under previous related programmes will also be provided on request.

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