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Information services projects financed by the IMPACT programme

A total of 17 new information services projects have been selected as a result of the call for proposals for the Community's IMPACT (Information Market Policy Actions) programme, published in December 1994 (OJ No C 258 of 15.9.1994, p. 6.). The projects, which will develop inf...
A total of 17 new information services projects have been selected as a result of the call for proposals for the Community's IMPACT (Information Market Policy Actions) programme, published in December 1994 (OJ No C 258 of 15.9.1994, p. 6.). The projects, which will develop information products and services for the benefit of business and industry, are aimed at stimulating supply and demand for such services on a European scale.

The 17 projects selected are as follows:

- PETRAF: Steps towards a pan-European trading/financial database. The project will make company financial data from Member States more readily accessible to industrial/commercial users by extending the coverage of the European Companies Database to include registered and financial data;

- CDPLAST: CD-ROMs for small and medium-sized businesses within the plastics transformation industry. The project will produce the first of a collection of CD-ROMs for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) within the plastics transformation industry;

- ALTO: Advanced Links for Trade and Tourism. The project aims to provide business visitors to European countries with world-wide access to information on the area they are to visit, including information on events, local industrial and trade activity and touristic possibilities;

- BRIDGE - Broad information dissemination gateways for enterprises. The project aims to establish an interconnected service between a group of European host organizations (DIMDI, ESA, ECHO, QUESTEL, ORBIT);

- PROMONET: Information dissemination, marketing and communication in the textile industry using WWW. The idea is to set up a pan-European information service, using WWW servers, aimed at promoting SMEs within the textile industry to interested Internet users (customers) world-wide;

- BISNET: A telematics service providing technical information about materials and work in the building sector. The project aims to offer on-line technical information in the field of construction, maintenance, renovation and restoration of buildings;

- ESCS: European Subcontracting System. The project aims to establish and develop an expanding "European Subcontracting System" which will not only serve as a tool in subcontracting processes, but offer assistance to European subcontracting companies in their search for cooperation partners;

- ENGINE: European Energy Information Exchange (Oil and gas industries). The aim of the project is to implement an information service focusing on the specific needs of the European upstream oil and gas industries;

- MODE: Music on demand - A European interactive music information and delivery service. The project will develop, test, evaluate and implement a viable commercial service for the promotion of the European music industry. Access will be provided to a telematic service targeted at both private consumers and the 50,000 SMEs of the music industry;

- NEWCON: Electronic news service for the construction industry. The project is to provide a fully interactive electronic news service for the construction industry, operating on the public service network, to be accessible from any personal computer via the Alpha DIDO system and the Internet;

- ISEFI: Information service for the European footwear industry;

- IMAGE-IN: A commercial image reproduction service specializing in fine art, applied and decorative visual arts, and multimedia\video artworks for use within both conventional, paper-based, and electronic publishing industry;

- SINATRA: Serveur d'Images Numeriques d'Archives & Technique de Recherche Audiovisuelle (Digital film archives). This pilot project intends to create an interactive multimedia database in order to distribute, in Europe and world-wide, digitalized film archives. Potential professional customers include: audio-visual producers (film, video and TV), advertising agencies, corporate communication companies, education and training bodies universities and multimedia producers and publishers;

- EPBA: European Business Publications Online. The project aims to enhance the developments of online news and information services, based on the publications and available information of several European publishers and one financial institution;

- NAUTIS: Information for the small boat industry. The project will create a valuable information service aimed at stimulating innovation within the European small-boat industry, an industry dominated by SMEs;

- INTERBUSINESS: Integrated access to various business information services. The objective of the project is to set up an integrated, user friendly and effective service, permitting access to, and navigation between, CD-ROMs and online databases. The service will also include an Electronic Copyright Management System making it possible to invoice users on the basis of their actual use, and not only on a fixed subscription charge;

- FINE: Freight Information Network in Europe. The project will provide logistics information, in particular tracking, cargo booking and invoicing, to SME's within the European freight industry.

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