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Services relating to the implementation of EDICOM

The Statistical Office of the European Commission (EUROSTAT) has published an invitation to tender for the provision of computer and related services in connection with the implementation of EDICOM (Electronic Data Interchange on Commerce).

The Commission has the responsibility for the implementation of EDICOM. This programme aims at drawing up a set of actions for the modernization and automation of the statistical system for the exchange of goods between Member States (INTRASTAT). The actions include, in particular:

- The design, development, documentation and the promotion of methods, harmonized procedures, acceptance software, validation, processing and distribution of data as well as making available exchange formats based on European and international standards;

- The elaboration of measures to simplify and harmonize the operation of the system.

Furthermore, the EXTRACOM initiative, developed within the framework of the Community's IDA (Interchange of Data between Administrations) programme, offers a similar structure for the exchange of goods with third countries (EXTRASTAT). Part of the work programmes will, therefore, comprise the following lots:

- Lot 1: Help Desk/Management support and maintenance;
- Lot 2: EDICOM project support;
- Lot 3: EDIFACT standardization;
- Lot 4: CD-ROM COMEXT support and assistance, including:
. Sub-lot 4.1: CD-ROM COMEXT production support and assistance;
. Sub-lot 4.2: CD-ROM COMEXT user support and assistance;
- Lot 5: CD-ROM COMEXT documentation;
- Lot 6: Management of amendments;
- Lot 7: Availability of combined classifications;
- Lot 8: Key-word system maintenance;
- Lot 9: Linguistic consolidation and extension;
- Lot 10: Quality and analysis of the data, including:
. Sub-lot 10.1: Comparison of national and Community statistics;
. Sub-lot 10.2: Presentation and evaluation of mirror statistics;
. Sub-lot 10.3: Estimation of missing data;
. Sub-lot 10.4: Correction of Intra-trade data;
. Sub-lot 10.5: Data validation;
- Lot 11: Computer support for studies;
- Lot 12: Production of indicators;
- Lot 13: Development and maintenance of data per mode of transport;
- Lot 14: COMEXT/EXTRASTAT development;
- Lot 15: Extra Messages development;
- Lot 16: COMEXT corrective maintenance;
- Lot 17: Database administration;
- Lot 18: Information bureau production and support.

The complete description of these lots can be found in the tender documents. The tenderers may tender for one or several lots or sub-lots.

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