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Management of an export promotion campaign to Japan

The European Commission, DG I, has published an invitation to tender for the management of an export promotion campaign to Japan.

For its third export-promotion campaign (1996-2000), whose concept resembles the current "Gateway to Japan", the Commission requires:

- Lot 1: Recruitment of companies for European group participation in trade fairs in Japan and European trade missions to Japan. Six to ten sectors will be supported, probably including medical equipment, materials-handling equipment, waste-management technologies, marine equipment, construction materials, construction equipment and packaging machinery;

- Lot 2: Education of European companies prior to visiting Japan, the organization of pre-departure seminars in Europe with documentation, both sectoral and company-specific;

- Lot 3: Organization of campaign activities, including public relations (PR), in Japan. This includes, in each sector, two participations in fairs and two trade missions, including group events in all cases and coordination with specific services providers. The preparation of group-events documentation is also required;

- Lot 4: Coordination and planning of the campaign, including budget, financial and accounting control, under the overall supervision of the Commission.

The overall coordination of the project will be the responsibility of the contractor awarded contract for Lot 4.

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