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Following the recent adoption of the new European Community programme of support for artistic and cultural activities having a European dimension, KALEIDOSCOPE, the European Commission has published an invitation for applications for Community financial support for cultural projects and events starting in 1996.

The programme is intended, by means of cooperation, to encourage artistic and cultural creation and to promote knowledge and dissemination of the culture and cultural life of the European peoples, by supporting cultural projects with a European dimension. The specific objectives of KALEIDOSCOPE are:

- To encourage activities involving artistic creation with a European dimension;
- To support innovative cultural projects carried out by European partners from at least three different Member States;
- To contribute to the development of the professional skills of artists and other cultural operators;
- To contribute to the mutual knowledge of European cultures.

The KALEIDOSCOPE programme comprises the following two actions under which applications can be submitted:

- Action 1: Support for events and cultural projects carried out in partnerships or through networks. The programme is open to cultural and artistic projects jointly organized by cultural networks or by partnerships of organizations from at least three Member States, and which also involve participants from at least three Member States;

- Action 2: Large-scale European cooperation actions. This separate action will provide support to significant large-scale quality projects having a European dimension and major cultural and socio-economic impact. This action is open to the same type of cultural and artistic projects and with the same conditions as in Action 1, but they must be jointly organized by cultural networks or cultural co-organizers from at least four Member States and must involve participants from at least four Member States. (Cultural events organized to mark Europe Day on 9 May are eligible for support under this action. In this case the projects may involve co-organizers and participants from at least three Member States.)

The following are not eligible for support under this programme:
- Projects not starting in 1996;
- Projects in areas covered by other Community actions in the field of culture;
- Cultural cooperation projects concerning regions of the same Member State or of a purely national or bilateral nature;
- The production of material and publications for commercial purposes;
- Investment or operating costs of the cultural organizations which do not form an integral part of the project in question.

Projects must have other sources of funding. For the majority of projects and events, Community support provided from the KALEIDOSCOPE programme may not exceed 25% of the total cost of the project in question, nor may it exceed ECU 50,000. Funding will initially be provided for one year, but may be extended up to a maximum of three years.

Proposals fulfilling the following criteria are most likely to be selected:

- High cultural and artistic quality;
- Encourages artistic creation;
- Encourages cultural exchanges;
- Provides real added value at Community level;
- Establishes lasting cooperation;
- Innovatory or exemplary;
- Increases access to culture;
- Potential socio-economic impact;
- Can be evaluated after the event.

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