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Information support for Euro-Info Centre network

The European Commission, DG XXIII, has published an open call for tender for information support for the Euro-Info Centre network.

The Euro-Info Centre network has been set up with the aim of improving access to information and advice on the internal market and other European policies for enterprises, in particular SMEs. It currently encompasses 230 Euro-Info Centres (EICs) in all the Member States, Norway and Iceland and 20 Correspondence Centres in Switzerland and countries in Central and Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean Basin and the Near East.

To carry out their tasks, all EICs have access to a wide variety of information sources (documentation and databases from the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, etc.). DG XXIII has also set up a central structure which assists the EICs with, for instance, training, technical assistance and an information officer service.

To improve the services offered by the network, DG XXIII wishes to complement the information support by purchasing a certain number of commercial products with a particular relevance to the EIC's activities and with extra added value with regard to the existing information. These products may be provided for the network as a whole or part of it.

DG XXIII intends to purchase information products on the following subjects:

- EU news, current policy developments and programmes;
- Information on EU standards;
- Information on EU sources of finance;
- Commercial/financial business information;
- Establishment and development of enterprises.

To enable a selection of complementary products within the same lot, each lot has a division into sublots based on the format of the product in the following manner:

- On paper;
- Online;
- On CD-ROM;
- On diskette;
- Other format.

The content must be of relevance to the EICs and their clients in a number or in all of the Member States and should have a particular added value with regard to the products to which they already have access. Information products of purely regional or national content and interest are not solicited.

Products should be in all official languages of the European Union. The working languages of the EIC network are English and French, so if the products are not yet available in English or French, translation into one of these languages should be foreseen in the offer. In this case, the resulting costs should be indicated separately in the price of the offer.
As the products may be made available to part or the whole of the network, offers should be made for varying quantities: one copy, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 100 and 232 copies.

The tenderer may tender for one or more lots.
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