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Preparation for SIMAP generalization phase

The European Commission, DG XV, has launched an open call to tender for a study on the preparation of the SIMAP generalization phase, as part of the IDA (interchange of data between administrations) programme.

The objective of the study is to propose alternatives and/or complementary measures in order to migrate from the current SIMAP (Système d'Information pour les Marchés Publics) pilot system, which is able to support a few hundred users, to the next phase called "generalization". In that phase the system should be able to support up to 200,000 potential sources of information (contracting entities in the EU) and an even larger number of information readers (potential suppliers) in all 15 Member States. This quantitative extension will have legal and organizational implications which have to be studied.

The contract should be completed within eight months of its signature.

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