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JOULE/THERMIE - Advanced pulverized fuel power plants

The European Commission, DG XVII, has launched a call for proposals for a demonstration project on advanced pulverized fuel fired power plants using an ultra-supercritical steam cycle.

The application of new metallurgical materials has the potential to enable conventional coal-fired plants to achieve steam temperatures beyond 700 Degrees Celsius, thus improving efficiencies in new or refurbished plants to above 55% and resulting in a very substantial reduction of emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants.

In order to provide an incentive for the development of this technology, the European Commission is calling for proposals aimed at the demonstration of advanced pulverized fuel-fired power plant using such an ultra-supercritical (USC) steam cycle. The planned project will involve both JOULE and THERMIE activities and is for the RTD and demonstration of the use of higher temperature steam conditions (maximum 750 Degrees Celsius) utilizing new materials including super-alloys developed under the COST 501 programme.

Proposers should present a phased project aimed at the demonstration of the USC concept in a conventional power station to prove reliability, availability and load following at the higher steam turbine temperatures.

The Commission intends to award a contract for the initial demonstration phase or phases and will make a further call or calls for work under subsequent phases at the appropriate time(s). While the present invitation concerns the demonstration of the technology in question, proposals may also include appropriate supporting work.

The aim of the project is to develop the systems and manufacturing techniques for boiler and turbine installation in a pulverized fuel plant and to demonstrate the feasibility of achieving continuously efficient and reliable operation over a period of at least 15,000 hours at temperatures up to and beyond 700 Degrees Celsius at the appropriate steam pressures. To this end the demonstration needs to be carried out stepwise in conjunction with, but with minimum interference to, the operation of a standard conventional commercial scale pulverized fuel power plant. The ultimate objective is the application of USC technology in new pulverized fuel power plants without risk in scaling up.

Proposals should be submitted by consortia including companies from at least three different Member States, and involving suppliers, contractors and users (power utilities) with the ability to provide and use such USC plant both for operation in the EU and for export to other parts of the world where coal-fired plants are likely to be built.

Applications should be submitted on the 1996/1997 THERMIE application form.

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