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Funding under LIFE

LIFE is a financial instrument of the European Union providing funding for three major areas of action: Environment, Nature and Third Countries. While all three areas aim to improve the environment, each has its specific priorities:

- Environment: Innovative and demonstration actions for industry; demonstration, promotion and technical assistance actions for local authorities; and preparatory actions to support Community legislation and policies;

- Nature: Actions aiming at the conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora of EU interest;

- Third Countries: Technical assistance in the establishment of environment administrative structures, nature conservation actions and demonstration actions to promote sustainable development. For 1997, eligible countries are: Albania, Algeria, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Malta, Morocco, Palestine Authority, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey and the Baltic shoreline of Russia.

LIFE is implemented in phases. The second phase, currently running from 1996 to 1999, has a total budget of ECU 450 million. Maximum rates of support under the LIFE instrument can vary from 30% to 75% depending on the nature of the action proposed. For "Third Countries" actions, the rate may, exceptionally, reach a maximum of 100% of the eligible costs.

LIFE is open to all "natural or legal persons". The aim of the funded actions must comply with the aims of the Community policy and legislation and with the conditions presented in the information packages. For third countries, LIFE is open to persons or companies of whatever legal status, who reside in the eligible countries.

Applications must be written on specific application forms which are to be transmitted to the Commission via the appropriate authorities in the Member States. For third countries, applications should be transmitted by the appropriate national authorities through the Delegations of the European Union or the third country missions to the European Union. Information Packages are available for each area. These include detailed explanations in regard to eligibility and procedures, as well as the required application forms.

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