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BRITE/EURAM - Third call for proposals

The European Commission, DG XII, has launched the third call for proposals under the specific RTD programme in the field of Industrial and Materials Technologies (BRITE/EURAM).

The Commission is inviting proposals both for RTD projects and for basic research of industrial relevance in the fields covered by the BRITE/EURAM programme. The objectives and the research, technological development and demonstration activities covered in this call concern the areas described in the work programme.

Proposals for RTD projects (shared-cost actions) are invited in the following areas:

- Area 1: Production technologies:
. 1.1 Incorporation of new technologies into production systems;
. 1.2 Development of clean production technologies;
. 1.3 Rational management of raw materials;
. 1.4 Safety and reliability of production systems;
. 1.5 Human and organizational factors within production systems;

- Area 2: Materials and technologies for product innovation:
. 2.1 Materials engineering;
. 2.2 New methodologies for product design and manufacture;
. 2.3 Reliability and quality of materials and products;
. 2.4 Technologies for recovering products at the end of their lifecycle;

- Area 3: Technologies for transport means:

. Area 3 A: Aeronautical technologies:
. 3 A.1 Aircraft design and systems integration;
. 3 A.2 Aircraft production;
. 3 A.3 Technologies for improved aircraft efficiency;
. 3 A.4 Environmental technologies;
. 3 A.5 Technologies for aircraft safety;
. 3 A.6 Technologies for aircraft operation;

. Area 3 B: Technologies for surface transport means:
. 3 B.1 Vehicle design and systems integration;
. 3 B.2 Vehicle production;
. 3 B.3 Technologies to improve vehicle efficiency;
. 3 B.4 Environmental technologies;
. 3 B.5 Technologies for vehicle safety;
. 3 B.6 Technologies for vehicle operation;

In particular, in view of better inter-programme coordination and in order to allow the submission of proposals having a major impact at European level, projects with total costs larger than ECU 7 million for industrial research and ECU 1.5 million for basic research may be considered.

Proposals for targeted research actions of industrial interest are encouraged (see Chapter III of the work programme) in order to meet the needs of industrial technological developments and to improve the competitiveness of European industry. The accent will be put on the integration of technologies and the transfer of knowledge towards the companies as well as on collaboration between suppliers, manufacturers and users, including in particular SMEs, as well as research centres and universities.

Actions will normally come under one of the categories defined in Chapter III of the work programme or will concern a specific objective in line with, for instance, the relevant activities of the Commission's research/industry Task Forces or other inter-service groups. Common projects of industrial interest can concern other specific programmes of the Fourth RTD Framework Programme. Proposers are requested to indicate them on their proposals so that the Commission may ensure coordination.

Potential participants will be able to check, with the Commission services, that their proposal is in accordance with the objectives of the programme and with the eligibility criteria before formally submitting their proposal. This pre-screening service will close on 22 March 1997 for RTD projects in Area 3 and for basic industrial research proposals, and on 28 June 1997 for RTD projects in Areas 1 and 2.

The work programme and the Information package containing all information necessary for the submission of proposals may be obtained from the Commission.

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