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Preventing pollution and risks associated with movements of dangerous substances in Sicily

The Joint Research Centre of the European Commission has launched an invitation to tender for the provision of technical support services relating to the setting-up, in Sicily, of an integrated system for monitoring and preventing pollution and risks associated with the transport of dangerous substances.

Following an agreement reached between the Italian Environment Ministry and the Joint Research Centre (JRC), the latter has become the supervisor of two projects aimed at the setting-up, in Sicily, of an integrated system for monitoring and preventing pollution and risks associated with the transport of dangerous substances. This system will be set up through the establishment of environmental monitoring networks and associated control centres.

The following three industrial sites will be considered: Augusta-Priolo, Gela and Milazzo. A limited number of industries will be selected for each site, and for which a monitoring network will be set up and installed. The data gathered on each site will automatically be transmitted to a processing station located in the corresponding Sicilian main unit. A system based on GPS beacons will also be set up in order to monitor movements of dangerous substances in relation to the industries in question.

Each of the three main units will therefore be equipped with a computerized system comprising two operational centres:

- The 'NTI centre', which will be capable of distance-managing the monitoring network and the beacons, processing and analysing the data downloaded, and communicating the data or other results of analyses to other computer systems;
- The 'CPI centre', which will constitute the basic element of a management and control centre for cases of emergency of an industrial nature, and for the implementation of appropriate intervention measures.

Provision will also be made for each main unit to be equipped with at least one electronic beacon, connected to its NTI and CPI centres, providing information to the general public concerning the current environmental situation. In addition, the Sicilian region in Palermo, in conjunction with the Environment Ministry in Rome, will be equipped with a control desk allowing for interfacing between the different NTI and CPI centres of each main unit.

This notice concerns the design, integration an on-site installation, including verification of the sound operation of six sub-systems - both separately and as an integrated whole. It should be noted that although the contract covers the supply of equipment, there will also be a requirement for specialized services comprising systems engineering and software development.

The six sub-systems are as follows:
- 1. Detectors, sensors and peripherals for data-gathering: This sub-system comprises all of the detectors and sensors for the three industrial sites, including their interfacing devices and management software, and includes their on-site installation as well as the infrastructure and services necessary for their operation. Various types of sensor will be required, in particular, meteorological stations, visible light and infrared video cameras, atmospheric pollution and sea-water pollution detectors;
- 2. NTI and CPI centres, and information for the general public: This sub-system comprises, on the one hand, all of the computer equipment for the three main units, including the external stations providing information for the public and, on the other hand, all of the communications software, database software, geographical representation software and information-processing software necessary for the performance of all functions;

- 3. NTI and CPI distance-interaction centres: This sub-system comprises the computer and communications equipment for the distance-interaction centres in Rome and Palermo, including the relevant operating software;

- 4. Positioning beacon and trajectory-monitoring system: This sub-system comprises all the equipment and software necessary for the demonstration of how rolling stock may be monitored using GPS beacons. The software will appropriately be integrated into the NTI and CPI centres;

- 5. Telecommunications, data transmission: This sub-system will comprise all the computer equipment, software, infrastructure and services necessary for establishing communication between sub-systems one and two such that they perform their functions;
- 6. Integration and testing: Integration of all the above-mentioned sub-systems to form a single operating system. Verifying the sound operation of each sub-system and the integrated system.

Each sub-system must be tendered for separately, though tenderers must tender for all the sub-systems of this contract. Only one tenderer will be chosen for the performance of the contract. All of the work must be completed by 31 December 1997. The supplies must be installed on the various sites prior to inspection on 1 December 1997.

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