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Research for the improvement of living and working conditions

The European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions has published a call for expressions of interest (No 1/97) aimed at establishing a register of individual researchers, consultants or research institutes able to assist the Foundation in the implementation of its programme. The register will be used to select candidates who may be invited, at a later stage, to submit detailed proposals to the Foundation under a restricted invitation to tender.

Study and research contracts awarded by the Foundation will relate to various aspects of living and working conditions in the Member States of the European Union. Certain initiatives may also cover member countries of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), the countries of Central and Eastern Europe or other countries and geographical regions.

The subjects covered will be those contained in the programme of work of the Foundation:

- Chapter 1 - Research and development activities:

. Transversal projects:
. 0188 European Industrial Relations Observatory (EIRO);
. 0106 Developments in the use of time;
. 0110 Living and working in the Information Society;
. 0200 Social implications of the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU);

. Employment challenge:
. 0152 Employment options of the future;
. 0196 Job creation and quality of work;
. 0201 Small and medium-sized enterprises and job creation;

. Equal opportunities challenge:
. 0166 Equal opportunities and collective bargaining;
. 0202 Unpaid work, equal opportunities and employment;
. 0189 Employment of people with disabilities;
. 0154 Prevention of racial discrimination at the workplace;

. Health and well-being challenge:
. 0203 Employment and health;
. 0156 Monitoring working conditions in the EU;
. 0125 Preventing stress at work;
. 0161 Design for integration;
. 0123 Ill-health and workplace absenteeism;

. Sustainable development challenge:
. 0204 Design for sustainable development;
. 0205 Economic and fiscal instruments for sustainable development;
. 0206 Contribution of the urban cultural heritage to sustainability and employment creation;
. 0207 Sustainability and labour;
. 0208 Urban governance and enterprise: institutions and infrastructures of the future;

. Social cohesion challenge:
. 0195 Active employment measures for disadvantaged groups;
. 0194 New developments in active welfare policies;
. 0209 The restructuring of public services to promote social integration;

. Participation challenge:
. 0118 European Employment and Industrial Relations Glossaries (EEIRG) and Database (EMIRE);
. 0114 Employee direct Participation in Organizational Change (EPOC);
. 0116 Information and consultation in European multinational companies;

- Chapter 2 - Debate and discussion activities:
. 0115 Innovative forms of work organization: the introduction and management of organizational change;
. 0145 Exchange of information with Central and Eastern European countries (summer seminars);
. 0210 Costs and benefits of occupational health and safety;
. 0162 Sustainability in rural and coastal areas.
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