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The European Parliament's Scientific and Technological Options Assessment (STOA) Unit, which carries out research into policy options in the field of science and technology for the Parliament's Committees, has published a call for expressions of interest.

Researchers and research organizations interested in conducting research projects on behalf of STOA are invited to give information about their fields of specialization and recent work. Researchers will be placed on STOA's revised list of potential contractors, first drawn up in 1995. STOA will invite tenders from researchers with appropriate experience as and when projects come up.

By way of indication, STOA's 1997 work plan includes the following projects, to be conducted on behalf of a number of the Parliament's Committees:

- Studies:
. Transparency and openness in scientific and advisory committees - the American and Japanese experience;
. Appropriate energy storage technologies for use with distributed, stochastic energy sources;
. Sequencing the human genome: scientific progress, economic, ethical and social aspects;
. Prospects for the application of superconductivity in the storage and transport of electricity;
. Electronic commerce and the technological perspectives of secure telecommunications;
. Fifth RTD Framework Programme: A scientific and technological assessment of its contribution to economic and social cohesion (Article 130B) and of options for promoting this contribution;
. General influence of speed limiters on traffic flow, road safety, users and other aspects;
. Deliberate release of genetically modified organisms (GMOs);
. Virtual libraries and education: A prospective technology assessment of the impact of on-line virtual libraries on education in European schools and universities;
. Synergy between the ecology of the sea and the economy of the land;

- Workshops:
. The use of the Internet in the European Parliament's activities for the promotion and protection of human rights;
. Operational requirements of a commercial fusion reactor;
. Survey and evaluation of criticism of basic safety standards for the protection of workers and the public against ionising radiation;
. Scientific and technological assessment of the consequences of the Information Society for the development of the least-favoured regions;
. Learning to live in the Information Society as an older person: Educating older people to use information, communications and mobility technologies to enhance their participation in the European Information Society - obstacles and opportunities;
. Drug use: Scientific and technological contributions to the assessment of policy options on drug use and related treatments, from the level of individual treatment to the national and European policy level;
. Aquaculture: deployment of an open-sea marine park with self-restocking by behaviourally conditioned fish with the objective of exploitation by traditional fishing methods.

The inclusion of any particular projects on this list does not guarantee that STOA will issue an invitation to tender for that project. Expressions of interest from potential contractors should be of a general nature, rather than for specific projects.

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