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INCO-DC - Scientific cooperation with developing countries


The European Commission, DG XII, has launched a call for proposals for cooperative RTD activities with developing countries under the specific RTD programme in the field of cooperation with third countries and international organizations (INCO).

Proposals are invited for specific topics in the following areas of the work programme:

- Area C.1: Sectors of general importance:
. 1.1: Sustainable management of renewable natural resources;
. 1.2: Sustainable improvement of agricultural and agro-industrial production;
. 1.3: Health;

- Area C.2: Additional sectors of mutual interest:
. 2.1: Information technologies;
. 2.3: Biotechnologies;
. 2.4: Materials and production technologies.

The call for proposals lists the specific topics open for proposals in each of the sectors. In addition for sectors 1.1 and 1.2 a number of priority topics for regional areas are also open for proposals.

The majority of topics will be addressed by shared-cost actions. Some areas will be addressed by concerted actions. Proposals for shared-cost actions must involve at least two partners from Member States (or one from an EU Member State and one from an associated state - EEA or Israel), and one or more partners from developing countries. Strong preference will be given to projects involving two or more partners from different developing countries in the same geographical region. Concerted actions should involve at least three partners from the EU/associated states and three from developing countries.

Proposers should ensure that they obtain the 1997 work programme and information package, as well as the full text of the call for proposals.