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Specialist consultants in the field of transport

The European Commission, DG VII, has published a call for expressions of interest aimed at drawing up lists of specialist consultants in certain fields relating to the transport sector.

In order to assist it in carrying out its tasks, the Directorate-General for Transport (DG VII) of the European Commission intends to collect specific information, and to initiate detailed analyses, relating to the following areas of competence, for which it seeks to draw up lists of potential applicants:

- Transport economics (macroeconomic aspects):
Economic analysis of the transport sector in general, including the collection of related statistical and geographical information, analysis and forecasting of traffic flow, organization of the sector and logistics, market access and integration of transport markets in general;

- Legal and institutional aspects:
Research, studies and legal analysis (including social, fiscal and environmental aspects) of the current legal or de facto situations at national, international or Community level, in relation to a particular transport sector or individual firms, including matters of free establishment and free provision of services;

- Economic and financial aspects:
Analysis, evaluation and monitoring of the economic and financial situation of companies and organizations with activities in the field of transport;

- Technical aspects of transport:
Analysis, evaluation and drawing up of technical rules and standards applying to one or several transport sectors, whether these rules relate to safety, protection of the environment or interoperability;

- Transport networks and infrastructures:
The carrying out of economic and financial studies and analyses relating to transport networks and infrastructures in general or to particular projects, such as feasibility studies (socio-economic and environmental impact, cost-benefit analysis) and the financing of transport infrastructures;

- Intelligent transport systems:
Design, drawing-up and implementation of intelligent transport systems with a view to improving traffic management in relation to one or several methods of transport.

Each applicant must select a maximum of two areas for which he can demonstrate the most ability. In addition, for each of the areas selected he will choose at least three transport sectors (in decreasing order of experience from 1-3) from among the following five sectors:

- Intermodal transport;
- Land transport of passengers, including urban transport;
- Land transport of freight;
- Air transport;
- Sea transport.

For each specific contract relating to one of the areas of competence described above, the awarding authority will send the tender documents and the invitation to tender to all applicants on the relevant list or to a number of them selected on the basis of pre-selection criteria specific to the contract concerned.


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