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Call for proposals for Information Society activities

The European Commission has published a call for proposals for feasibility studies, demonstration actions and accompanying measures in the area of the Information Society.

Proposals may be submitted for work which will contribute to the development of the Information Society, bringing it closer to the European people, notably those who need to be especially encouraged and helped. The call will support projects undertaken by consortia of at lest two partners from different Member States. In the case of accompanying measures, however, one organization acting alone may be supported. The active participation of citizens' associations and the social partners is strongly encouraged.

Projects will be supported in the following areas of the work programme:

- Helping to establish the Information Society by promoting the use of concrete applications:
. Improving the use and dissemination of telematics services, in particular by SMEs and local administrations;
. Promoting the exploitation of existing public sector resources;
. Building confidence among consumers;
. Using new communications techniques and tools to bring administrations and institutions closer to the citizen;
. Implementing a European level electronic platform for the exchange of information on educational multimedia and audiovisual resources;

- Understanding the political, economic and social impacts of the Information Society:
. Identification of experiences and potential of the Information Society for working life, particularly for women;
. Identification and promotion of information systems and services, taking into account the needs of the elderly, disabled, unemployed migrants and minorities;
. Dissemination of information on Intranets and their role and impact on work organization;
. Studies on technical scenarios for interconnection of electronic schools networks at Community level;

- Accompanying measures:
. Organization of workshops, seminars and preparation of promotional material;
. Organization of events in the Member States to raise awareness of the need to bring schools into the information age and boost the means available to them;
. Development of demonstration actions, in particular in small communities, acting as small-scale test sites for trying out new approaches and disseminating best practices.

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