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Dissemination of JRC research results

Within the framework of the specific RTD programme to be carried out by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC), the Commission, DG XIII, has published an invitation to tender for the selection of research bodies and centres to help in the dissemination and optimization of results.

In the framework of competitive support activities, DG XIII/D foresees the provision of scientific and technical services in order to enable the validation, adaptation and technology transfer of the research results and technologies whose intellectual property rights belong to the Community. These services will contribute to the innovation and promotion of methods, techniques and instruments making it possible to overcome the barriers obstructing the exploitation of research results and technology transfer in certain strategic activity sectors.

The invitation to tender is split into the following lots:

- Lot 101 (Ref. CSA97101): demonstration of the transferability potential to European enterprises of an identified cluster of innovative technologies owned by the Community;
- Lot 102 (Ref. CSA97102): testing and demonstration of an automotive crash energy absorber based on high-speed liquid-jet formation to be undertaken on the contractor's own site;
- Lot 103 (Ref. CSA 97103): test and demonstration of a prototype fibre-optic based acoustic emission sensor system to be undertaken on the contractor's own site;
- Lot 104 (Ref. CSA97104): prototyping of an automatic on-line analyser of various air pollutants;
- Lot 105 (Ref. CSA97105): testing and demonstration of the industrial applications of a holographic flat display;
- Lot 106 (Ref. CSA97106): testing of an ESPI (electronic speckle pattern interferometry) based device for deformation measurements and mechanical characterization of building materials;
- Lot 107 (Ref. CSA97107): dissemination of IUCLID (international uniform chemical information database) standard software and data and of the EUSES (European system for the evaluation of substances) risk-assessment software;
- Lot 108 (Ref. CSA97108): characterization of punch and bulge mechanical testing of small specimens employing theoretical, finite element and experimental methods and technical market survey;
- Lot 109 (Ref. CSA97109): adaptation and assembling according to industrial practice of the hardware and software for a prototype device for early detection of runaway initiation in chemical reactors based on the supervision of reactor and jacket temperatures;
- Lot 110 (Ref. CSA97110): demonstration field experiment for SAR interferometric detection of structural deformations;
- Lot 111 (Ref. CSA97111): engineering, positioning and packaging of STARS, an integrated software package for modelling complex industrial systems for RAMS (reliability, availability, maintenance and safety) analyses;
- Lot 112 (Ref. CSA 97112): VASAT-3D: integration of the JRC finite-element codes WATSOL-ID and WHATFEM-2D into a simulation package to model 3D flow and transport in variably saturated soils;
- Lot 113 (Ref. CSA97113): prototyping of an industrial reactor for deposition of diamond-like carbon biocompatible coatings;
- Lot 114 (Ref. CSA97114): integration and validation of W-SDI (A Windows tool for safety design improvement);
- Lot 115 (Ref. CSA97115): design and engineering of a prototype of a high-vacuum high-temperature multipurpose furnace for the preparation of compounds, alloys and single crystals at a scale of up to half a kilogram;
- Lot 116 (Ref. CSA97116): prototyping of high-temperature 8-point bend test jig;
- Lot 117 (Ref. CSA97117): adaptation of a software module for the determination of maximum misalignment-induced bending in a uniaxially loaded ceramic test piece;
- Lot 118 (Ref. CSA97118): characterization of wash-coated cordierite honeycomb for catalytic activity, spallation under thermal cycling and long-term high-temperature stability;
- Lot 119 (Ref. CSA97119): validation of the software package "RADONN" (Clipper 5.0 / DOS-based program) to a Windows 95/NT environment;
- Lot 120 (Ref. CSA97120): testing and demonstration employment of an all-optical micro-seismic sensor network in a seismic active area;
- Lot 121 (Ref. CSA97121): validation of PREP/SPOP tools (uncertainty and sensitivity analysis software);
- Lot 122 (Ref. CSA97122): prototyping of a network of multiplexed fibre-optic strain sensors embedded in a CFR composite element;
- Lot 123 (Ref. CSA97123): prototyping of the digital high-speed and high-spatial-resolution imaging system CAMRECORD.

Each individual technical annex to the tender specifications will indicate the place of the execution of the work as well as the delivery of relevant issues. Tenderers can bid for one, several or all the lots. Tenderers must indicate clearly which lot(s) their bids are for (including lot and reference number). In all cases each lot will be evaluated individually. Contracts should be completed within a maximum of one year.

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