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SMT programme - Call for proposals in support of Community policies

The European Commission, DG XII, has published a call for proposals under the Standards, Measurements and Testing (SMT) programme for RTD actions contributing to the implementation of Community policies.

Legal entities eligible are invited to submit proposals for RTD activities, carried out as shared cost projects, within the themes of the SMT Work Programme, as follows:

- Theme I: measurements for quality European products;
- Theme II: research related to written standards and technical support to trade;
- Theme III: measurements related to the needs of society.

This call for proposals is restricted to the following RTD subjects identified by the Commission as necessary to support the development or implementation of Community policy, including European standardization:

- Category I: Subjects related to the standardization activities of CEN (European Committee for Standardization):

. 1. Assessment of resistance of pipe sealing ring materials to microbiologically mediated deterioration;
. 2. Test method to determine the action of disinfectants on organic materials in contact with drinking water;
. 3. Development of guidelines for the structural, hydraulic and environmental rehabilitation of sewers;
. 4. Assessment of carbonation depths in precast structural concrete elements;
. 5. Diaphragm performance of precast concrete floors: products standards and design criteria for codes of practice;
. 6. Possible reduction of partial safety factors in precast concrete product standards;
. 7. Fire fighters' footwear: compatibility of functional and protective properties;
. 8. Bite test for children's products, in particular toys;
. 9. Assessment of protective capabilities of eye/face-shields against radiant heat;
. 10. Fatigue crack growth rate qualifying criteria of rails for railways: test conditions to be optimized;
. 11. Determination of hardness and modulus of thin films and coatings by nano-indentation;
. 12. Specifications for welding face-shields with dual filters of various luminous transmittance;
. 13. New design/calculation methods for flange connections, tubesheets and saddle supports of pressure vessels;

- Category II: Subjects related to the standardization activities of CENELEC (European Committee for Electro-technical Standardization):

. 14. Determination of safety categories of electrical devices used in potentially explosive atmospheres;
. 15. Testing methods for electrical apparatus installed in a dusty environment with potential risk of explosion;
. 16. Testing methods by radio waves for remote control of automation systems: influence of the environment (EMC);
. 17. Radio interference measuring method for high voltage insulators in electrical power installations;

- Category III: Subjects related to the standardization activities of ETSI (European Telecommunications Standardization Institute):

. 18. Improvement of the quality of test specifications;

- Category IV: Methods development in support of Community policy:

. 19. Inter-laboratory trial for common footwear components to validate the methods currently proposed;
. 20. Measuring of heavy metals in finished leather products;
. 21. Footwear materials: determination of the water resistance in a complete shoe and of the permeability of water vapour related to the properties of comfort;
. 22. Textile materials: evaluation of the water vapour permeability;
. 23. Assessment of exotic quarantine pest risk to European Union plant health: analytical methods;
. 24. Diagnostic protocols for organisms harmful to plants, such as insects and mites, nematodes, bacteria, fungi, viruses and virus-like organisms;
. 25. Validation of guidelines for testing the impact of plant protection products on arthropods;
. 26. Methods for the official control of probiotics (micro-organisms) used as feed additives;
. 27. Determination of the milkfat content of mixed spreadable fats and determination of the furosine content of milk and cheese for the detection of illegal use of reconstituted milk;
. 28. Harmonized method for the distinction of hot-rolled metals from cold-rolled metals;
. 29. Certification of polydisperse particulate reference materials.

For each of the above subjects a document has been produced detailing the objectives to be met. This should be requested together with the SMT programme Information Package before attempting to develop a proposal. Proposals for research objectives other than those listed above will not be accepted under this call. Entities from Central and Eastern European countries may be eligible to receive Community financial support to participate in this call for proposals - details of this may be found in the Information Package.

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