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Study on production of a "European telecoms interconnect atlas"

The European Commission, DG XIII, has published an invitation to tender concerning a study on the production of a "European telecoms interconnect atlas", including its presentation by electronic means.

The purpose of the proposed study is to provide a source book of all the information useful for telecommunications organizations seeking access and interconnection in different Member States. The study will achieve the following:

- Collect and consolidate, in a Community-wide comprehensive base, all relevant information concerning interconnection which is published by Member States or incumbent operators when fulfilling their obligations and requirements to interconnect, in particular with regard to the interconnection directive.

The atlas should be produced electronically with high-quality presentation in the form of a CD-ROM and Web pages (to be put on one of the Commission servers). Key information should be summarized and presented in English for guidance and comparative purposes. The first version of the atlas should be ready for the beginning of 1998. Updates are required every six months.

Deliverables are to include 500 copies of CD-ROM versions for each six-month update version plus the provision of a Web home page of the comprehensive atlas with linkages, where available, to other relevant Web pages of national regulatory authorities or incumbent operators with obligations to interconnect. A summary of the atlas will also be provided in printed format.

The contract will last for two years.
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