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External evaluation of EURES Crossborder Partnerships

The European Commission, DG V, has published an invitation to tender relating to the external evaluation of EURES Crossborder Partnerships.

The EURES Crossborder Partnerships are developing a programme focused on particular regions with significant crossborder labour flows and forming transnational labour pools or with significant interpenetration of regional economies. This will involve voluntary partnerships (consisting of public employment services, trades union and employers' associations, local or regional authorities and possibly other partners), set up on the basis of framework conventions for a three-year period which may be renewed. The field of activity of EURES Crossborder Partnerships contains four assignments:

- Dissemination of job offers and applications between the border regions concerned;
- Information on living and working conditions;
- Drawing up a list of professional training opportunities and distributing it to the public;
- Setting up a framework for dialogue and consultation between the economic and social partners in the field of employment.

The EURES Crossborder Partnerships are put under the responsibility of steering committees (composed of the above-mentioned regional partners) which approve yearly activity plans, decide on budgetary matters and ensure the partnership's general coherence. The steering committee appoints a coordinator to assist it in preparing its meetings and ensuring the partnership's smooth operation and the implementation of activity programmes.

This contract notice relates to the external evaluation of five EURES Crossborder Partnerships. The evaluation consists of three parts:

- The structural set up (composition of the steering committee and its representativeness, status and location of coordinator, number of Euroadvisers and their geographical distribution);
- Its operation, including information networks, decision-making, and partnership dynamics;
- The results regarding the four assignments.

The evaluation aims to set out a review enabling proposals to be developed for improving the operation of partnerships, to assess the impact of activities already carried out and to draw up conclusions on the whole network.
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