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EU-China Local Authority Linking Programme

The European Commission has published a call for expressions of interest in linking activities/joint projects between EU and Chinese local authorities.

The broad objective of the EU-China Local Authority Linking Programme is to contribute to the development of future cooperation with China by strengthening reciprocated knowledge and encouraging exchange of experiences between EU and Chinese local authorities as well as the development of common projects in their areas of competence.

The fund is open to applications from regional, provincial and municipal authorities within the European Union and their representative organizations. The projects must be sponsored by these authorities. The minimum size of authority eligible to apply is a population of 30,000. Smaller authorities may join together to promote projects if they wish.

There are two components of the programme:

- Projects:
Co-financing of joint projects in which at least two EU local authorities, from two different Member States and a Chinese state are involved. The European Commission will subsidize 75% of a maximum project size of ECU 60,000;

- Linking activities:
Co-financing expenses related to linking activities (e.g. travel, translations, etc.) between EU local authorities from two different Member States and a Chinese state. The European Commission will subsidize 75% of a maximum link size of ECU 16,000.

The priority areas of the programme are:

- Economic, including local economic development, partnership with local business and trade organizations, local business promotion. Synergies with other programmes aimed at local economic development (i.e. LedLinks) could be foreseen in this context;
- Environmental, including the conclusions of the Rio Conference (local Agenda 21), sustainable environmental planning and development, clean energy;
- Transport, including mass transit systems and the transport infrastructure in the sphere of the competence of local authorities;
- Health, in particular combating drug abuse, health-care systems, housing management and administration, and basic sanitation;
- Training and exchange of experience, in particular training in local authorities through international links.

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