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Set-up and maintenance of an information service in support of the application of the pressure-equipment directive (PED)

The European Commission, DG III, has published an invitation to tender relating to the set-up and maintenance of an information service in support of the application of the pressure equipment directive (PED).

The work to be carried out should be conducted in six task groups:

- Task Group 1:
. Task 1: Explanation of the pressure-equipment directive itself to support its application in specific fields;
. Task 2: Listing of existing standards relative to pressure equipment and relevant to the PED;
. Task 3: Listing of standards under discussion and those still needed for the application of the PED as far as such needs were identified;

- Task Group 2:
. Task 4: Listing and explanation of pressure equipment related R&D projects in execution in Europe and elsewhere;
. Task 5: Illustration of the results obtained by such R&D projects, when available: assess their impact on codes and standards;
. Task 6: Listing and explanation of the R&D projects requested by the European pressure-equipment industry;

- Task Group 3:
. Task 7: Definition of a quality plan and of the Web architecture and strategy to be used for the Web-site in accordance with the European Commission's strategy;
. Task 8: Acquisition of a WWW server: formulation of software and hardware specifications in accordance with the performance required, submission of costings, purchasing and installation of the products and their integration;
. Task 9: Implementation of a management scheme for the WWW server;

- Task Group 4:
. Task 10: Migration of the information collected in package one into WWW-format (HTML) according to the layout defined by task;
. Task 11: Quantitative analysis for maintenance of the databases and applications as well as evolutionary maintenance;

- Task Group 5 (2nd year):
. Task 12: Training and documentation (HTML-format), organization of training-courses and documentation;
. Task 13: Evolutionary maintenance, provision of environment and facilities (hardware, software, services, infrastructure support, practical support and enhancements);

- Task Group 6 (3rd Year):
. Task 14: Evolutionary maintenance.

The study must be completed within 36 months from the date on which the contract is signed.
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