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Call for proposals for research on water (BRITE/EURAM and Environment and Climate)

The European Commission, DG XII, has published a call for proposals for research activities in the field of water under the Industrial and Materials Technologies (BRITE/EURAM) and Environment and Climate specific RTD programmes.

The objectives and the research and technological and demonstration activities under this call must be within the scope of the BRITE/EURAM or the Environment and Climate Work Programme. In particular, activities must aim to develop more efficient and cost-effective water management and use, leading to practical solutions to reduce over-consumption and combat the diffusion of major pollutants, thereby contributing to the protection of human health and aquatic ecosystems. The research would bring together scientific, technological, ecological, hydrological, methodological and socio-economic expertise as related to water management and use.

It is proposed to implement the priority RTD subjects through a limited number of relatively large scale multi-disciplinary actions in each of the two relevant programmes:

Industrial and Materials Technologies:

- Design, engineering, production systems and human management: experimentation of "on site" treatment and re-use of water-intensive processes, including integrated "closed-loop" technologies, leading to economies in the use of water and prevention of pollution, in particular:

. Promotion of water-efficient industrial processes through the development of integrated closed loop technologies, enabling:
. (a) On-site water treatment, recycling and re-use within and between industrial processes, and;
. (b) The multidisciplinary integration of new technologies, such as advanced separation techniques and reliable multisensoric monitoring devices and on-line control systems;

Proposals should lead towards new industrial processes and may include prenormative research for the establishment of quality criteria promoting the harmonization of measurements and test methods, as appropriate.

Environment and Climate:

- Natural environment, environmental quality and global change: strategic research on utilization/pollution impact analysis methods leading to models and tools for sustainable water management, in particular:

. (a) Development of early warning systems for the presence of pathogens, blue-green algae toxins and endocrine disrupting compounds in surface and ground water. The necessary biosensors and the water quality assessment will be covered;
. (b) Assessment of surface and groundwater resources at catchment scale considering interactions between climate change, extreme events and anthropogenic activities, in particular, through comparative analysis of available representative data sets and combination of integrated water resources models;

- Human dimension of environmental change : research into economic appraisal of investments for "on site" treatment, re-use and conservation of water, in particular:

. Determination of economic, societal and institutional factors determining water management and water demand e.g. benchmarking, economic instruments, appraisal and assessment methods, etc.

Eligible entities are invited to submit proposals for research activities falling within the scope of the call. Organizations from European third countries and the former Soviet Union may participate in the call, and some financial support may be available for such organizations. The Environment and Climate programme is also open to participation from developing countries.

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