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Transport RTD programme - Fourth call for proposals

The European Commission, DG VII, has published the fourth call for proposals for RTD activities under the Transport RTD programme.

Proposals are invited for a small number of tasks in the air transport (Area 4) and road transport (Area 7) fields, as well as for new tasks to be opened in the following areas:

- Area 9: Actions to consolidate results from Transport RTD in the Fourth Framework Programme;
- Area 11: Policy oriented RTD actions/studies;
- Area 12: Tasks to prepare future Transport RTD activities.

The following tasks will be open in Area 4 (air transport):

- ATM system performance/socio-economic evaluations;
- High stress situations in ATM;
- Emerging CNS research activities;
- Rapid passenger evacuation.

The following task will be open in Area 7 (road transport):

- 7.3.21: Definition and policy validation of capabilities of electronic road pricing systems, to inform European transport policy makers.

The following tasks will be open in Area 9 (Actions to consolidate results from Transport RTD in the Fourth Framework Programme):

- 9.1: Concerted action on logistics and supply chain management;
- 9.2: Concerted action on intermodal freight transfer points;
- 9.3: Concerted action on transport policy options for and study on impact of non-technical measures regarding emissions and air quality (follow-up to the Auto-Oil Programme);
- 9.4: Concerted action on actions to improve operator acceptance of emerging technologies and the implementation of new procedures in transport;
- 9.5: Concerted action on transport economics, policy assessment and scenarios in preparation for the Sustainable Transport System;
- 9.6: Technical review of RTD projects in the Transport Programme.

The following tasks will be open in Area 11 (Policy-oriented RTD actions/studies):

- 11.1: Pricing - identification of measures to increase acceptability of pricing (follow-up to 22 September 1997 Conference);
- 11.2: Methodology for the validation of the use of GNSS (including development of certification, qualification and standardization);
- 11.3: Identification of commercial applications of GNSS, and valuation of their expected benefits;
- 11.4; Research on rail capacity and the optimization of rail traffic management systems;
- 11.5: Application of existing methodologies demonstrating the European value added of TEN projects (follow-up to high level group meeting);
- 11.6: Analysis of the cost structures of the main TEN ports: devising a strategy to achieve efficient pricing and an assessment of the impact of a cost recovery approach on the functioning of ports;
- 11.7: Study to assess the potential of roadside testing devices to identify the use of drugs and medicines by drivers.

The following tasks will be open in Area 12 (Tasks to prepare future Transport RTD activities):

- 12.1: Assessment of new airport operational procedures through testing and simulation;
- 12.2: Study on the potential contribution of new means of transport to sustainable mobility;
- 12.3: Study on innovative policies and future research needs regarding the integration of transport and land-use planning;
- 12.4: Assessment of impact of enforcement (or lack of) on safety in road transport;
- 12.5: Development and assessment of noise abatement procedures in air transport to determine their contribution to reducing environmental impact;
- 12.6: Study on impact of tourism on transport and analysis of policy relevant implications;
- 12.7: Study on innovative techniques in environmental impact analysis of corridor and network infrastructure, including satellite remote sensing, cumulative and indirect impacts, impact on biodiversity and noise;
- 12.8: Testing methodologies for benchmarking quality in public transport;
- 12.9: Study on the impact of the Transport RTD Programme (including the development of a methodology to analyse the impacts and results).

Full details of the research activities covered by the above tasks can be found in the Work Programme which may be obtained on request from the Commission.

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