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Les informations sur les projets et maintenant aussi les résumés de rapports Horizon 2020 sont disponibles sur CORDIS. Tous les projets H2020 peuvent être téléchargés depuis le Portail des données ouvertes de l'UE .

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Workshop on How to access European Commission grants in Belgium, Brussels
Date de début: 2011-10-24, Date de fin: 2011-10-25
Who should attend? Understanding how it works and how to fulfill all criteria + optimising the chances of success For all projects leaders, persons in charge of developing its organisation from public, private and non-profit sector.
Programme: JRC-ENDWEL C
Record Number: 127888
Last updated on: 2011-09-06
Analysis lists of funding opportunities for socio-economic sciences and humanities in FP7
The EU project NET4SOCIETY has published its annual analysis of SSH-relevant funding opportunities in FP7 other than Theme 8 Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities
Programme: FP7
Record Number: 131247
Last updated on: 2012-07-13
SiS Catalyst Second PPI Conference in Zagreb, Croatia.
Date de début: 2012-06-25, Date de fin: 2012-06-27
SiS Catalyst Second PPI Conference 'Children as Change Agents for Science and Society: Putting Global Thinking into Action'. Registration is now open The conference will be held on 25th - 27th of June 2012 at the University of Zagreb.
Programme: FP7-SIS
Record Number: 130494
Last updated on: 2012-05-28
2° round of trainings for journalists in EU labs
Date de début: 2010-02-18
33 young journalists are ready to leave for a full week training in a EU laboratory. They will acquire unique scientific material that will result in high quality articles, radio interviews and/or audiovisual productions.
Programme: FP7-SIS
Record Number: 120971
Last updated on: 2010-02-24
RELATE -  REsearch LAbs for TEaching journalists: new application period
Date de début: 2009-10-01, Date de fin: 2009-11-30
RELATE- REsearch LAbs for TEaching journalists is a EU funded project offering 1 week training for free to 80 young journalists in a EU lab. A second period of applications will start at the beginning of October through the project website:
Programme: FP7-SIS
Record Number: 119834
Last updated on: 2015-05-29
YOUNG JOURNALISTS can now apply for RELATE project
Date de début: 2009-07-29, Date de fin: 2009-08-31
RELATE- REsearch LAbs for TEaching journalists is a new EU funded project offering 1 week training for free to 80 young journalists in a EU lab.
Programme: FP7-SIS
Record Number: 119592
Last updated on: 2015-05-29
Reporters join researchers in the fight against cancer
Date de début: 2009-11-16, Date de fin: 2009-11-20
Cancer claimed 7.4 million lives in 2004, and that number could rise to 12 million by 2030, according to the World Health Organization. Key to fighting cancer is to understand not only how it starts but also how it spreads within the body, a process known as metastasis.
Programme: FP7-SIS
Record Number: 120230
Last updated on: 2015-05-29
Young journalists visit research labs in Rome
A full week dedicated to train young scientific journalists at the laboratories of ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development) within the framework of the EU programme ‘REsearch LAbs for TEaching Journalists’ (RELATE).
Programme: FP7-SIS
Record Number: 120210
Last updated on: 2009-11-18
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