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Le informazioni sui progetti di Orizzonte 2020 e ora anche le relative sintesi delle relazioni sono disponibili su CORDIS. Tutti i progetti H2020 possono essere scaricati dal Portale Open Data dell'UE .

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How to negotiate, administer and manage an FP6 contract?
EuroCenter and Hyperion are jointly organising a workshop on how to negotiate, administer and manage an FP6 contract. The event will take place on 24 March 2004 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Programme: FP6-SOCIETY
Record Number: 101529
Last updated on: 2005-09-27
Social Science and Humanities meet Information and Communication Science
The European Commission’s Enterprise Europe Network and the EU Project PLATON+ invite research organizations from the fields of Social Science, Humanities and Information and Communication Science to participate in the international brokerage event CeBIT Future Match. The even...
Programme: FP7
Record Number: 118595
Last updated on: 2009-01-15
Ideal-ist - the worldwide ICT support Network
Ideal-ist assists supports you to find appropriate international project partners and now covers even more activities along the innovation chain in ICT.
Programme: CIP
Record Number: 126159
Last updated on: 2011-03-22
Veranstalter verlost zehn Gastkarten fur Biotechnologie-Kongress BioTrends  LifeScience meets Nano
Sulzbach/Ts., 15. Januar 2002. Die aktuellsten Entwicklungen auf dem Gebiet der Biotechnologie sind Themen des internationalen Kongresses BioTrends, den die IIR Deutschland GmbH unter dem Motto LifeScience meets Nano vom 11. bis 14. Februar 2003 im Berliner Estrel Hotel & Conv...
Record Number: 100449
Last updated on: 2005-09-27
The BEFORE project publishes its final results on R&D supporting instruments, R&D indicators and regional foresight
The BEFORE project, included in the R&D 6th Framework Programme of the European Union, ends with the publication of ten best practices of R&D supporting instruments, ten regional foresight studies, one R&D&I indicator panel study and five foresight bulletins with its final res...
Record Number: 118613
Last updated on: 2009-01-16
BEFORE Project publishes bulletins on foresight and best practices
FP6 BEFORE project published the second five bulletins of technological foresight and the first four best practices of the regions Brandenburg and Castilla y León in January 2008
Record Number: 115363
Last updated on: 2007-09-28
How to write a competitive proposal for the Sixth Framework Programme?
EuroCenter and Hyperion are jointly organising a workshop on how to write a competitive proposal for the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6). The event will take place on 23 March 2004 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Programme: FP6-IST
Record Number: 101527
Last updated on: 2005-09-27
IPv6 event in Brussels - slides and pictures
Follow-up on the event taking place in Brussels on September 22, 2003.
Record Number: 101342
Last updated on: 2005-09-27
EVA 2003 Florence
[NOTIZIE] EVA 2003 Florence
Electronic Imaging & the Visual Arts ,The Foremost European Electronic Imaging Events in the Visual Arts ,Conference, Training & Workshops ,PALAZZO DEGLI AFFARI ,24-28 March 2003 ,Conference Languages: Italian & English
Supported by the EC's IST Programme EVAN - EVA Networ...
Record Number: 100577
Last updated on: 2005-09-27
ICOB' 03 - Workshop on Immersive Communication and Broadcast Systems
29. -30. January 2003,Fraunhofer Institut fur Nachrichtentechnik, Heinrich-Hertz-Institut ,Jointly organised by IST projects VIRTUE, ATTEST, Eye-2-Eye and ITG FG 3.1.2
Record Number: 100451
Last updated on: 2005-09-27
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