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The European Commission, DG IA, has published a brochure providing information on multi-country and cross-border projects funded under the PHARE programme and approved by the Commission in July, September and October 1995. The PHARE programme provides technical assistance to ...
Programme: IC-PHARE
Record Number: 6210
Last updated on: 1996-05-29
Available languages: DE, EN, FR
In seiner Rede vom 19. April 1996 in Moskau am Vorabend des Gipfels für nukleare Sicherheit bekräftigte Herr Jaques Santer, der Präsident der Europäische Kommission, erneut das Engagement der EU bei der Unterstützung von Programmen, die die Sicherheit nuklearer Einrichtungen i...
Programme: IC-PHARE
Record Number: 5974
Last updated on: 1996-07-24
Available languages: DE, EN, FR
La DG I de la Commission européenne publie une série de brochures regroupant des informations sur les programmes et les contrats du programme PHARE, le programme communautaire d'action pour la reconversion économique de certains pays d'Europe centrale et orientale (Albanie, Bu...
Programme: IC-PHARE
Record Number: 5424
Last updated on: 1996-07-24
Available languages: DE, EN, FR
[WIADOMOŚCI] New PHARE newsletter
A new newsletter has been launched by the PHARE Programme of economic aid to certain countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The first issue of the newsletter, entitled INFOPHARE, provides an overview of the PHARE programme and highlights new developments. The year 1993 saw ...
Programme: IC-PHARE
Record Number: 2334
Last updated on: 1994-03-25
The PHARE programme is the European Union's initiative to support the process of economic transformation within Central and Eastern European countries. PHARE provides know-how, including policy advice and training, from a wide range of non-commercial, public and private organ...
Programme: IC-PHARE
Record Number: 2739
Last updated on: 1994-07-11
On 8 July 1994 a workshop on R&D cooperation with third countries was held in Bratislava. The meeting discussed the present level of cooperation between the European Union and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (PECO). The EU's PHARE programme is the main tool for th...
Programme: IC-PHARE
Record Number: 2877
Last updated on: 1994-08-15
The European Commission has announced an ECU 5.6 million programme for training staff in Central and Eastern Europe to run a modernized telecommunications sector. The ten beneficiary countries - Poland, Hungary, the Czech and Slovak Republics, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Alba...
Programme: IC-PHARE
Record Number: 2181
Last updated on: 1994-02-24
The Commission of the European Communities has approved six financing proposals in the context of the PHARE programme (the Community programme of assistance for the economic restructuring of Central and Eastern European countries). Five proposals concern aid to the countries t...
Programme: IC-PHARE
Record Number: 1752
Last updated on: 1993-09-14
The PHARE regional telecommunications training programme, TELEPHARE, was launched in Budapest, Hungary on 21 February 1994. The aim of this programme is to introduce training to key people in the participating countries and to provide them with an opportunity to exchange infor...
Programme: IC-PHARE
Record Number: 2245
Last updated on: 1994-03-11
Encouraging green procurement in the public sector
Municipal budgets afford digital ‘smart cities’ opportunities to invest in green infrastructure and assets. Without clear guidelines to assess tenders, however, their best intentions may fail to translate into effective practice. By developing a transnational procurement syste...
Programme: H2020
Record Number: 131375
Last updated on: 2016-03-04
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