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Fast track to Innovation Topic - Pilot


It is noted that the following information is provided at this stage only to facilitate the familiarisation with this topic. The Commision will provide in due course full details, together with the announcement of the relevant calls, on the Fast track to Innovation Topic.

The general aspects of this topic are as follows:

Under this Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) pilot, proposals for innovation actions linked to any technology field will be invited, on the basis of a continuously open call (with its first cut-off date in 2015) and a bottom-up-driven logic.

Any legal entity may participate and proposals may be submitted at any time. The Commission shall initiate three cut-off dates per year to evaluate proposals. Time between a cut-off date and signature of the grant agreement or notification of the grant decision shall not exceed six months. No more than 5 legal entities shall participate in an action. The amount of the grant shall not exceed EUR 3 million.

Proposals shall be ranked according to the impact, quality and efficiency of implementation and excellence, with the criterion of impact given a higher weighting. Factors such as time sensitivity and the international competitive situation shall be taken into sufficient account when evaluating the impact of a proposal, to allow for flexibility according to the various specificities within different fields of applied research