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Support for establishment of R&I ecosystem, developing strategic forward-looking orientations to ensure future skills development, knowledge and technological leadership for accelerated disruptive technology exploration and uptake (Batteries Partnership)

Proposals are expected to:

  • Develop, consolidate and communicate a strategic research approach for all stakeholders throughout the entire European Battery Value Chain.
  • Develop and/or update coherent Strategic Research and Innovation agenda (SRIA) and corresponding detailed roadmaps covering all aspects of the battery value chain through expert group work.
  • Facilitate and support work of experts from a different field in a cross-collaboration manner, identify the challenges and opportunities and so create guidelines and recommendations on how best to develop synergies.
  • Establish and continuously update Key performance indicator (KPI's) values for current state-of-art battery technology, as collected from stakeholders across the battery value chain correlated and communicated via SET Plan progress monitoring.
  • Establish Target Key performance indicators (Target KPI's) values for future battery R&I as collected from all relevant forums, correlated and communicated via SET Plan progress monitoring and the Strategic Research and Innovation agenda (SRIA) to the entire R&I community in general.
  • Implement and foster the adoption of uniform standards and methodologies for the reporting of battery research developments across EU and national projects building on existing European and national work/efforts.
  • Execute a clear communication plan describing the hosting and updating website, organising events and facilitating networking. Communicate results and progress in Battery R&I on both a European and International level.
  • Cooperate with ETIPs and similar stakeholders fora, provide support to existing SET Plan Implementation Plans and advancement towards more interconnected activities, both in terms of contents and implementation mechanisms (see topic HORIZON-CL5-2021-D3-01-17)
  • Promote and facilitate international collaborative actions, where necessary.
  • Perform additional activities which are relevant to reach the expected outcomes.
  • In order to ensure high quality coordination and technical outputs from the proposals should possess both technical and operative expertise.

The overarching European R&I platform should build on previous efforts and continue to foster pan-European active cooperation and maintain up-to-date clear realistic strategic research and innovation agenda for Europe.

The project’s main governance (e.g. Steering Group, Advisory Board) is expected to provide for direct involvement of European Commission services for collaboration on relevant policy activities, incl. further supporting SET plan.

This topic implements the co-programmed European Partnership on ‘Towards a competitive European industrial battery value chain for stationary applications and e-mobility’.