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Programme funding

EUR 17 million

Official Journal Reference

L 159 of 1986-06-14

Legislative Reference

86/234/CEE of 1986-06-10
To investigate the impact of climate on natural resources and the effects on climate of human activities, such as the increased level of carbon dioxide as a result of deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels.


Part of the first Framework Programme (1984-1987) under subactivity 8.2.: "Environment and Climatology".


Two areas:

- Climatology:

. Physical basis of climate:
Past climates and climate changes; climatologically significant processes; modelling and predicting European climates within a global context; studies concerning the feasibility of seasonal (3-6 months) forecasting of European climates;

. Climate sensitivity:
Changes in atmospheric composition; the climatic effect of enhanced carbon dioxide; aspects of the global carbon cycle important for climate prediction; the climatic effect of other trace gases; the climatic effect of changes in land-surface properties; early detection of climate change;

. Climatic impacts:
Impact of climatic change or variability on land resources; impact of climatic variations on European water resources; the photosynthetic response of European vegetation to increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide; impact of climatic variations on sea resources and fisheries; application of climatic knowledge to better management of land and water resources;

- Natural hazards:

. Causes, mechanisms and impacts of climatological anomalies and extreme or abrupt events;

. Seismic risk evaluation (a Community concerted action):
Establishment of a research team network; establishment of a network of data banks; education and training.


The Commission, assisted by the Management and Coordination Advisory Committee (CGC) on the Environment and Climatology, is responsible for carrying out the programme through shared-cost contract research, concerted actions, coordination and training.

The participating Member States and the Community regularly exchange information on the execution of research involving concerted actions.

The Community may conclude agreements with third States, in particular those involved in European cooperation in the field of scientific and technical research (COST), with a view to associating them with the programme.

The programme was reviewed at the end of the second year. Following completion of the programme and after consulting the CGC, the Commission will submit to the Member States and the European Parliament a summary report on the implementation and results of the concerted actions.


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