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Framework programme


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Programme funding

EUR 75,6 million

Official Journal Reference

L 286 of 1988-10-20

Legislative Reference

88/522/Euratom of 1988-10-14
To contribute to the establishment of reference methods and measurements in the nuclear field by the determination of nuclear data for standardization in the realm of fission and fusion technology and by the provision of reference materials for the calibration of analytical equipment and the assessment of analytical methods.


Part of the Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (1987-1991) under sub- activity 3.4: "Technical standards, measurement methods and reference materials".

A follow-up to the 1984-1987 programme, the research responds to needs identified by European (Community Fusion Programme) and international (OECD-NEA, IAEA) organizations and to requests from industry, research institutes and medical bodies in the Community.

Included is the packaging, storage and distribution of non-nuclear materials to customers, with direct support from the Community Bureau of Reference. The year 1988 has seen achievements in this area as well as in the field of actinide and reactor neutron dosimetry reference materials.


Two projects:

- Nuclear measurements:
. Nuclear data: the aim is to determine nuclear data for standards applications, fission technology and fusion applications;
. Nuclear metrology: this concentrates on radionuclide metrology and the metrology of neutron fluence and dose;

- Reference materials:
These serve to calibrate analytical equipment or to assess analytical methods.


The Commission, assisted by the board of governors of the Joint Research Centre, is responsible for implementing this programme.

Execution of the programme is carried out by the Central Bureau for Nuclear Measurements (CBNM) at Geel in Belgium, one of the four JRC establishments, whose task, as governed by the Euratom Treaty, is to promote European standards and help harmonize reference methodologies and materials.

In cooperation with the board of governors, the Commission ensures that periodic consultation is maintained with the relevant management and coordination advisory committees or equivalent committees with a view to ensuring coordination and consistency of approach between shared-cost actions and JRC activities in the same areas.

Before 31 March each year the Commission submits a report on implementation of the programme to the European Parliament and the Council. The programme will be evaluated by a panel of external experts set up by the Commission after consulting the board of governors.
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