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EUR 7 million

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C 14 of 1987-01-20

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To undertake internal and external evaluation of the effectiveness and relevance of the Community's R&D programmes, whether individually or in groups, with a view to possible subsequent adjustments, and to develop improved evaluation methodologies on the basis of close collaboration between national evaluation bodies and the Commission.


The evaluation plan of action, an expansion of the 1983-85 plan (EVAL 1C), is related to the Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (1987-1991) and is connected with the MONITOR programme.


Seven activities:

- Definition of programme objectives and milestones:
The Commission ensures that the objectives and milestones of each research programme are set out, quantitatively where appropriate, before it is submitted to the Council for approval;

- Internal Evaluations:
The Commission ensures that the information and data needed for all subsequent external evaluations are collected from the beginning of each programme as part of the internal evaluation procedure;

- External Independent Evaluations:
The Commission organizes "vertical" evaluations for individual programmes and "horizontal" evaluations for activities or mechanisms common to several programmes. Such evaluations provide the basis for any subsequent adjustments;

- Use of the evaluation results:
The results of the external independent evaluations are normally rapidly published and widely distributed;

- Research into evaluation methodologies:
The Commission carries out research into methods of evaluation, contracting out specific programme or activity studies aimed at the development of evaluation methodologies, including the use of quantitative indicators;

- European cooperation in the field of R&D evaluation: "12 + 1 network" :
In order to introduce a European dimension into national assessments, a network is being established connecting the services of the Commission with national evaluation units;

- Visiting fellows:
The evaluation activities are augmented by visiting fellows, secondees or students, who work with the Commission services for limited periods of up to 24 months.


The plan of action is being implemented by the Commission's own independent evaluation unit.

The funds needed for the external evaluations are included annually in the budget item for each programme. Those needed for research into evaluation methodology, for the "12 + 1" network, for the staff of the evaluation unit and for the visiting fellows are entered in Chapter 73 (Research and Development) of the general budget of the European Communities.

The Commission submits an annual report on the execution of this plan of action to the Scientific and Technical Research Committee (CREST).


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