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  • Community programme (EEC) for the development of certain less-favoured regions by improving access to advanced telecommunications services (STAR), 1987-1991

Successor programme


Programme funding

EUR 780 million

Official Journal Reference

L 305 of 1986-10-31

Legislative Reference

3300/86/CEE of 1986-10-27
To facilitate the installation of modern equipment necessary for advanced telecommunications services in the Community's least favoured regions, and to provide for a series of aid packages to stimulate supply and demand of these services.


The programme covers projects which are consistent with the Community's objectives regarding telecommunications and information technology standards and represents an attempt to provide a better link with the Community's objectives for the structural development of regions.

In the framework of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), which has already invested several billion ECU in developing telecommunications networks, it is geared solely to advanced systems.


Two lines of action:

- Helping set up the telecommunications necessary to provide advanced services to business users in the less-favoured regions;

- Supporting measures designed to stimulate demand and encourage use of the telecommunications infrastructure in the less-favoured regions.


The programme is financed jointly by the Member States concerned and the Community. All or part of the aid granted by the Community may be in the form of a capital grant or an interest subsidy. This aid may not be combined with aid granted for the same project under other analogous measures.

The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) may participate in certain operations of the programme up to 55% of the total public expenditure involved. Eligible for ERDF assistance are public authorities, local and regional authorities and other bodies, businesses, cooperatives or individuals.
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