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Successor programme


Programme funding

EUR 13 million

Official Journal Reference

L 176 of 1984-07-03

Legislative Reference

1872/84/CEE of 1984-06-28
To develop clean technologies as a preventive means of ensuring a reduction in pollution, to develop new techniques and methods for measuring and monitoring the quality of the natural environment, and to contribute towards the maintenance or re-establishment of seriously threatened biotopes.


In line with the action programme of the European Community on the environment (1982-1986), this action involved Community research and development programmes relating to the environment and raw materials.


Three fields of application:

- Clean technologies:
Demonstration projects aimed at developing new 'clean' technologies, which cause little or no pollution and which may also be more economical in the use of natural resources, in the following fields:
. Surface treatment;
. Cellulose and paper industries;
. Mining and quarrying;
. Chemical industry;
. Agri-food industry;

- Measurement and monitoring methods:
Demonstration projects, aimed at developing new techniques for measuring and monitoring the quality of the natural environment, in the following fields:
. Development of routine measuring methods and sampling procedures for air pollution;
. Improved methods and equipment for monitoring water quality;
. Comparability tests for methods of analysing chemical forms in the ground;
. Development of new measurement and analysis methods for different environments;
. Demonstration projects relating to inter-regional biological indicators;

- Biotopes:
Incentive-based projects aimed at contributing towards the maintenance or re-establishment of seriously threatened biotopes which are the habitat of endangered species, notably in wetlands (coastal and inland), coastal areas, mountainous areas, heathland and other areas.


The Commission, after consulting an Advisory Committee, decided whether to grant or refuse financial support for projects in this field. It also negotiated the necessary contracts. A list of measures for which Community support was granted, was published each year. This support was granted to the natural or legal persons responsible for the project and varied from 30% of the cost of the project (clean technologies and measurement) to 50% (biotopes). Projects covered by other Community programmes were not eligible.

The Commission submitted an annual report on the action to the European Parliament and the Council.
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