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EUR 24 million

Official Journal Reference

L 207 of 1987-07-29

Legislative Reference

2242/87/CEE of 1987-07-23
To protect the environment and human health by developing clean technologies, recycling and reusing waste, creating hazardous wastes/substances, devising new techniques for measuring and monitoring, protecting threatened biotopes and taking appropriate actions in respect of threatened and damaged land.


In line with the action programme of the Communities on the environment (1987-1991), it is the second action in the area. The fields of application have been extended by comparison with the previous action.

In the field of biotopes, it was important to the Community to make a contribution towards the maintenance and re-establishment of seriously threatened biotopes which are the habitat of endangered species, pursuant to Council Directive 79/409/EEC of 2 April 1979 (Official Journal No L 103 of 25.4.1979) on the conservation of wild birds.


Six fields of application:

- Clean technologies:
Demonstration projects, aimed at developing new clean technologies which cause little or no pollution and which may also be more economical in the use of natural resources, in the following fields:
. Surface treatments;
. Leather industry;
. Textile industry;
. Cellulose and paper industries;
. Chemical industry;
. Agri-food industry;

- Recycling and reusing waste:
Demonstration projects, aimed at developing techniques for recycling and reusing waste (including waste water), in the following fields:
. Recycling f metals;
. Effluent;
. Leather industry;
. Mining and quarrying;
. Chemical industry;
. Agri- food industry;

- Location of hazardous wastes/substances:
Demonstration projects aimed at developing techniques for locating and restoring sites contaminated by hazardous wastes and/or hazardous substances;

- Measurement and monitoring methods:
Demonstration projects aimed at developing techniques and methods for measuring and monitoring the quality of the natural environment;

- Biotopes:
Incentive-based projects aimed at contributing towards the maintenance or re- establishment of seriously threatened biotopes which are the habitat of endangered species;

- Threatened or damaged land:
Incentive-based projects aimed at contributing towards the protection or re-establishment of land threatened or damaged by fire, erosion and desertification.


Applications for financial support for demonstration projects in this field are drawn up in response to Commission invitations to submit projects. They are sent to the Commission, with copies to the competent authorities of the Member States. The Commission, after consulting an Advisory Committee, decides whether to grant or refuse support. It also negotiates the necessary contracts.

A list of measures for which support is granted is published each year. This support may be granted to the natural or legal persons responsible for the project and varies between 30% and 50% with the exception of the biotope projects (not more than 75%). In the event of commercial exploitation of the results of a project, the Community may request repayment of its financial contribution.

The Commission submits an annual report on the action to the European Parliament, the Council and the Economic and Social Committee.
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