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Programme funding

EUR 10,3 million

Official Journal Reference

L 199 of 1975-07-30

Legislative Reference

75/460/CEE of 1975-07-22
To coordinate national agricultural research in the fields of animal leucoses, livestock effluents, beef production and plant protein production in order to allow rational organization of means employed, efficient use of results and the orientation of such work towards the aims of the common agricultural policy; also, to implement joint projects designed to second or supplement national research in these fields.


On 27 June 1974, the Council adopted Regulation (EEC) No 1728/74 which provided for the coordination at Community level of national agricultural research activities in order to further the attainment of the aims of the common agricultural policy (Official Journal No L 182 of 5.7.1974). The Regulation also provided for a Standing Committee on Agricultural Research (SCAR) to advise the Commission.

The programme organized 32 workshops, many of which led to published proceedings, and 55 individual scientific exchanges.


- Animal leucoses:

Avian leucosis and Marek's disease:
. Programme for the coordination of research on the differential diagnosis of Marek's disease and avian leucosis;
. Common research programme on the mechanism of resistance to Marek's disease with a view to increasing the effectiveness of vaccination and to developing new methods to control the disease;

Bovine leucosis:
. Programme for the coordination of research on improving the diagnosis of bovine leucosis in order to arrive at better control measures by means of finding a simple, safe and standardized test for early diagnosis and by facilitating epizoological studies;
. Common programme of research into virological and etiological aspects to identify and study the infectious agent of bovine leucosis;

- Effluent from intensive livestock units:
. Programme for the coordination of research to establish methods for the analysis of effluent from intensive livestock units applicable throughout the Community and to find solutions adapted to local situations;
. Common research programme to intensify and complement research on the use of manure by spreading;

- Beef production:
. Common research programme to improve the efficiency of beef production, meat quality and carcass yield;

- Plant Proteins:
. Common research programme for the qualitative and quantitative improvement of plant proteins.


The Commission was responsible for the implementation of coordination programmes in the field of animal leucosis and livestock effluents, in particular by organizing seminars and conferences, study visits, exchanges between researchers, scientific workshops and the collation, analysis and publication of results. On completion of the programmes, and not later than 31 July 1977, the Commission was required to submit a report to the European Parliament and the Council on the results of the research undertaken and on the use of the sums allocated.

The programme included both common activities (shared-cost research contracts, at up to 50%, with laboratories in the Member States) and coordinated activities (seminars and workshops, and scientific exchanges or visits).


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