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Programme funding

EUR 36 million

Official Journal Reference

L 288 of 1988-10-21

Legislative Reference

88/524/EEC of 1988-07-26
To set up an internal information services market by the end of 1992, stimulate and reinforce the competitive capability of European suppliers of these services, reinforce joint efforts within the Community to develop them, and promote the use of advanced information services within the context of a world market.


The plan, part of information market policy, complements other ongoing Community initiatives, notably in the field of telecommunications. It is a follow-up to the 1984-1988 programme in this field.


Six areas:

- European Information Market Observatory (IMO):
Improvement in statistical understanding of the Community information market;

- Overcoming technical, administrative and legal barriers:
Exploration with information providers and users, of the demand for simplification and standardization of database services;

- Improvement of the synergy between the public and private sectors:
Studies and workshops for the preparation of guidelines and recommendations on setting up European information services and to establish cooperation between public and private sectors;

- Launching pilot/demonstration projects;

- Promoting the use of European Information Services: Supplementing the efforts of private-sector information providers and Member States;

- Preparation of a library action:
Establishing links between Community libraries, encouraging the use of libraries and supporting the introduction of new information technologies.


The Commission, assisted by an advisory committee, is responsible for implementing the plan by means of calls for tender and calls for an expression of interest. As a rule, contractors bear up to at least 50% of the cost of financing a pilot/demonstration project.

In 1989 the Commission submitted a report to the Council and to the European Parliament evaluating the results obtained to date. It will subsequently submit a report on important developments in the information market.
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