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Programme funding

EUR 15 million

Official Journal Reference

L 158 of 1988-06-25

Legislative Reference

88/348/CEE of 1988-06-16
To promote youth exchanges within the European Community for an increasing number of young people from all the Member States and from all kinds of social, economic and cultural backgrounds, and to help improve the quality and diversificatioin of such exchanges while identifying ways to overcome obstacles which may inhibit them.


The "Youth For Europe" programme is linked to the third joint programme to encourage the exchange of young workers within the Community. It is designed, in particular, to encourage the participation of young people who experience the most difficulties in being included in existing programmes of exchanges between the Member States.

The term "youth exchanges" in this context refers to bilateral exchanges and multilateral exchanges and encounters arranged on the basis of joint plans between groups of young people between the ages of 15 and 25 years, of a minimum duration of one week in a Member State other than that in which they reside and which are specifically planned so as to enable them to develop skills for active and working life by increasing their understanding of the economic, social and cultural life of other Member States and by strengthening their awareness of belonging to Europe.


- Measures to improve direct and indirect support for youth exchanges:
. Measures providing financial aid for youth exchanges with an explicitly educational purpose, expressed in the form of a coherent project;
. Aid for short study visits by groups of youth workers;
. Aid for the setting up and, exceptionally, for the development of a youth exchange infrastructure by European non-governmental organizations;
. Assistance for the setting up and development of specific activities organized or sponsored by competent bodies responsible for the coordination and implementation of the programme at national level;
. Aid for training for youth workers from two or more Member States aimed at better organization and exploitation of youth exchanges;

- Complementary measures:
. To encourage contacts between the national bodies;
. To facilitate the production and dissemination of information and documentation;
. To promote the implementation of practical measures to encourage the mobility of young people in the Member States;
. To provide technical expertise and support for the implementation of grant and subsidy schemes.


The Commission, assisted by a Committee of an advisory nature composed of two representatives from each Member State and by the European Community Youth Exchange Bureau (ECYEB), is responsible for the implementation of the programme by means of a range of incentive measures to promote the development of exchanges. These measures are directed at young people from 15 to 25 years of age, as well as youth organizations, youth workers, non-governmental organizations, public authorities and all other bodies able to play a role in promoting or organizing youth exchanges.

Projects to receive Community assistance are chosen on the basis of joint criteria of quality, impact and efficacity responding to the programme objectives. Aid for exchanges shall not normally exceed 50% of the total expenses incurred (journey and programme), but in certain justified cases the aid may cover up to a maximum of 75%.

The Commission shall see to it that there is consistency and complementarity between this action programme and other activities of the Member States and the Community affecting youth exchanges. Each Member State designates one or more competent bodies responsible for coordinating at national level the implementation of the programme.

The Commission submitted a report on the implementation of the programme after the end of the second year to the European Parliament and the Council.
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