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To protect human health, nature and the environment and to ensure that natural resources are well managed, in particular by introducing qualitative considerations into the planning and organization of economic and social development.


The Treaty establishing the European Economic Community (EEC), as amended by the Single European Act, provides for the development and implementation of a Community policy on the environment, laying down the guidelines and principles governing such policy.

The principles and objectives of the first Community action programme on the environment, and a general description of the projects to be undertaken at Community level, were adopted on 22 November 1973 by the Council of the European Communities and the Representatives of the Governments of the Member States, meeting within the Council (Official Journal No C 112 of 20.12.1973). This programme was updated on 17 May 1977 (Official Journal No C 139 of 13.6.1977) in order to ensure the continuity of the projects already undertaken and to undertake new tasks for the period 1977 to 1981.

Initially the essential aim of Community environment policy was the control of pollution and of nuisances. Later, awareness concentrated on prevention. This led to the approach of the third action programme (1982-1986).


Priority areas:

- Integration of the environmental dimension into other policies;

- Environmental impact assessment procedures;

- Reduction of pollution and nuisance at source, in the context of an approach to prevent the transfer of pollution from one part of the environment to another, in the following areas:
. Combating atmospheric pollution, inter alia by implementing Council Directive 80/779/EEC of 15 July 1980 on air quality limit values and guide values for sulphur dioxide and suspended particulates (Official Journal No L 229 of 30.8.1980);
. Combating fresh- water and marine pollution, inter alia by implementing Council Directive 76/464/EEC of 4 May 1976 on pollution caused by certain dangerous substances discharged into the aquatic environment of the Community (Official Journal No L 129 of 18.5.1976), and Council Directive 78/176/EEC of 20 February 1978 on waste from the titanium dioxide industry (Official Journal No L 54 of 25.2.1978), and by the Community action programme of 26 June 1978 on the control and reduction of pollution caused by hydrocarbons discharged at sea (Official Journal No C 162 of 8.6.1978);
. Combating pollution of the soil;

- Environmental protection in the Mediterranean region;

- Noise pollution, particularly noise pollution caused by means of transport;

- Combating transfrontier pollution;

- Dangerous chemical substances and preparations;

- Waste management, including treatment, recycling and re-use and in particular toxic and dangerous waste;

- Encouraging the development of clean technology;

- Protection of areas of importance to the Community which are particularly sensitive environmentally;

- Cooperation with developing countries on environmental matters.


The Commission was responsible for the implementation of the action programme, working closely with industry, trade unions and interested non-governmental organizations.
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