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Programme funding

EUR 56,35 million

Official Journal Reference

L 72 of 1980-03-18

Legislative Reference

80/317/CEE, Euratom of 1980-03-13
To investigate fuel swelling, and in the field of actinide research to prepare actinide compounds and to determine their physical characteristics.


At the European Institute of Transuranium Elements, Karlsruhe Establishment of the Joint Research Centre, work on the operating limits of plutonium fuels has progressed from behavioural studies under steady-state conditions to behavioural studies under varying operating conditions. The draft study on actinide cycle safety deals with the safe handling of actinide fuels. Research has focused on aerosol formation and the prevention of aerosol release during handling.

In the field of basic actinide research, the Establishment has served as a European reference centre.


Three projects:

- Utilization limits of plutonium fuels;

- Safety of actinide cycle;

- Actinide research.


Information not presently available.


Nuclear Fission
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