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  • Research programme (Euratom, EEC) to be implemented by the Joint Research Centre - Specific support for the Commission's sectoral activities -, 1980-1983

Previous programme


Programme funding

EUR 36,2 million

Official Journal Reference

L 72 of 1980-03-18

Legislative Reference

80/317/EEC, Euratom of 1980-03-13
To contribute to the setting-up of the Euronet-Diane computer network, perform technical evaluations on request from the various Commission departments, pursue education and training activities, accelerate the utilization of JRC patents, and provide support for the Commission departments in general.


In Information Technology, the Ispra Establishment of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) contributed to the setting-up of the Euronet-Diane computer network. A new teleconferencing system was developed, and progress was made in programming techniques and languages. The European Shielding Information System (ESIS) made it possible to develop computer programs for retrieving and checking coupled neutron-gamma cross-section libraries.

Technical evaluations, performed at the request of various Commission departments, covered areas such as energy saving, transport of radioactive materials, development and technological risk perception.

Education and training activities were pursued, and 16 courses or seminars related to Ispra research topics were held in 1980.


- Informatics:
. Data communication;
. EUROCOPI, a databank on computer program abstracts;
. European Shielding Information Service (ESIS);

- Support to safeguards;

- Support to the Community Bureau of References;

- Training and education;

- Utilization of research results;

- Provision of scientific and technical services.


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