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  • Research programme (Euratom, EEC) to be implemented by the Joint Research Centre - Hydrogen production, energy storage and transport -, 1980-1983

Previous programme


Programme funding

EUR 14,1 million

Official Journal Reference

L 72 of 1980-03-18

Legislative Reference

80/317/CEE, Euratom of 1980-03-13
To coordinate work on thermochemical processes as part of the IEA (International Energy Agency) R&D programme.


Progress was made on catalysts, the kinetics of chemical reactions and construction materials. Under the programme of cooperation with the IEA, the JRC coordinated a number of reports on the appraisal of future markets for hydrogen. As regards energy storage and transport, the design of the next stage of the loop for producing hydrogen by a selected thermochemical process was completed and the construction of the facility begun.


Three projects:

- Thermochemical production of hydrogen;

- Advanced studies on energy carriers;

- Systems studies.


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