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Official Journal Reference

L 175 of 1991-07-04

Legislative Reference

91/317/CEE of 1991-06-04
To develop appropriate measures to prevent and control AIDS.


The increase in AIDS is of major concern to Member States and the Community as demonstrated by the various instruments and Community texts adopted with a view to combating AIDS. In their resolution of 22 December 1989 on the fight against AIDS (Official Journal No C 10 of 16.01.1991), the Council and the Ministers for Health, meeting within the Council, requested the Commission to develop exchanges of information and experience, defining, as a matter of priority, the details and contents of an action plan incorporating appropriate measures to prevent and control AIDS. The present plan of action for the programme 'Europe against AIDS' includes the guidelines already adopted and contains other measures to contain AIDS.


Ten actions:

- Assessment of the knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of the general public and target groups;

- Informing and increasing the awareness of the public and certain target groups;

- Health education for young people;

- Prevention of HIV transmission;

- Social support, counselling and medical treatment;

- Estimating the cost of managing HIV infection;

- Gathering data on HIV/AIDS;

- Enhancement of human resources;

- Measures to combat discrimination against HIV-infected persons and persons close to them;

- Research and international cooperation.


The Commission, in close cooperation with the competent authorities of the Member States, is responsible for the implementation of the plan of action. For this purpose it is assisted by an advisory committee composed of the representatives of Member States and chaired by the representative of the Commission. The duties of the committee are to examine projects and measures involving cofinancing from public funds and to coordinate, at national level, projects partly financed by non-governmental organizations. The Commission representative submits to the committee a draft of the measures to be taken and the Commission takes the utmost account of the opinion delivered by the committee.

When implementing the plan of action, the Commission takes account of projects financed under its biomedicine and health research programme and of its results, and incorporates these in the relevant measures under the action plan, ensuring that they have a complementary and synergistic effect.

The Commission collaborates with international organizations active in this field, such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Council of Europe.

The Commission regularly publishes technical information on the progress of the plan of action and continuously assesses the action undertaken and the priorities set. The Council and the Ministers for Health of the Member States, meeting within the Council, will carry out an evaluation of the effectiveness of the action undertaken. To this end the Commission submitted a report to the Council on the subject during the second half of 1992. This report was also sent to the European Parliament.
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