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Successor programme


Programme funding

EUR 13 million

Official Journal Reference

L 153 of 1973-06-09

Legislative Reference

73/126/EEC of 1973-05-14
To establish and evaluate scientifically based criteria for the most relevant pollutants in air, water and soil.


The programme was drawn up in accordance with the Council Resolution of 17 December 1970 concerning the procedures for adopting research and training programmes (Official Journal No L 16 of 20.1.1971).

The JRC programme on environmental protection (direct) was started at Ispra at the same time as the Council of Ministers agreed a three year programme of indirect action in the same field. The two programmes (direct and indirect) were carried out independently although collaboration occurred on two discrete projects during this period.

The JRC programme included a relatively large number of small projects and emphasis was placed on the development of highly sophisticated measuring techniques and instrumentation.


Activities included:

- Development of aerosol counters;

- Build-up of a thermal pollution demonstration model of a river;

- Investigation of aerosol absorption of organic materials;

- Studies on biotelemetry with laboratory animals and on water purification by catalytic oxidation;

- Development of a device for trace analysis of volatile pollutants in samples of air, water and soil;

- Pilot project on an Environmental Chemical Data Information Network (ECDIN) (in collaboration with the indirect programme);

- Studies of the decomposition of tetraethyl lead under environmental conditions;

- Studies of the uptake of sulphur dioxide by plants and soils;

- Studies of the transport and metabolic mechanism of cadmium in laboratory animals;

- Study of the environmental pathway of automotive lead (in collaboration with the indirect programme);

- Study of the eutrophication of lake water by phosphates and nitrates;

- Instrumental development for air pollution studies.


The Commission, assisted by the board of governors of the Joint Research Centre (JRC), was responsible for the implementation of the programme by means of the services of the JRC.
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