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  • Research programme (EEC, Euratom) to be implemented by the Joint Research Centre - Service and support activities -, 1977-1979

Previous programme


Successor programme


Programme funding

EUR 33,26 million

Official Journal Reference

L 200 of 1977-08-08

Legislative Reference

77/488/EEC, Euratom of 1977-07-18
To support the promotion of advanced computer applications and network development; to undertake research into nuclear safeguards methods and techniques in support of the safeguards authorities of the Community; and to promote the transfer of information and dissemination of knowledge arising from the JRC's activities.


The programme was drawn up in accordance with the Council Resolution of 17 December 1970 concerning the procedures for adopting research and training programmes (Official Journal No L 16 of 20.1.1971). Initially adopted for a period of four years (1977-1980), the programme was replaced by a new four-year programme as of 1 January 1980 and unused funds were allocated to the new programme.

This programme was pursuant to the previous JRC programme and built on the research and developments undertaken in projects on applied data processing, information analysis, and contract research.


Three projects:

- Informatics:
. European Informatics Network (EIN) project on teleinformatics;
. European Computer Program Institute (EUROCOPI ) project on computer program distribution and portability;
. Automatic documentation and real time systems;
. European Shielding Information Service (ESIS);

- Training and education:
. Courses and seminars;

- Technical evaluations in support of the Commission:
. Analysis of the Community's energy system, LABYRINTH;
. Regional econometric modelling of factors affecting employment in particular industrial sectors;
. Evaluation of the economic effects of measures to combat aircraft noise pollution and of the possible future levels of mercury and cadmium in the environment;
. Evaluation of the economic and environmental aspects of glass recycling and material substitution in beverage containers.


The Commission, assisted by the board of governors of the Joint Research Centre (JRC), was responsible for the implementation of the programme by means of the services of the JRC (Ispra).
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