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Successor programme


Programme funding

EUR 6,9 million

Official Journal Reference

L 153 of 1973-06-09

Legislative Reference

73/124/Euratom of 1973-05-14
To undertake research into the processing and storage of wastes arising from the large scale use of nuclear energy and, in particular, to investigate the separation and burning of actinides.


The programme was drawn up in accordance with the Council Resolution of 17 December 1970 concerning the procedures for adopting research and training programmes (Official Journal No L 16 of 20.1.1971).

The management and disposal of radioactive waste material was considered to be one of the most important issues of public concern in connection with the large scale use of nuclear energy. It poses a number of long term problems mainly attributable to the presence of small quantities of actinides in the wastes which have a very long half-life. This programme in the field of radioactive waste processing and storage focused on the problems associated with actinides.


Five objectives:

- Basic studies on the separation of fission products from irradiated fuel by the 'Saltex' process;

- Feasibility studies on a system of self-burying capsules for the disposal of radioactive waste;

- Studies and research on the chemical separation of actinides from high-level radioactive waste;

- Studies of physical measurements to determine the neutronic properties of actinides;

- Theoretical studies to reduce actinide concentration in irradiated fuel by optimizing reactor operation.


The Commission, assisted by the board of governors of the Joint Research Centre (JRC), was responsible for the implementation of the programme by means of the services of the JRC (Ispra).
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