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Official Journal Reference

L 171 of 1991-06-29

Legislative Reference

91/315/CEE of 1991-06-26
To improve integration of Madeira and the Azores into the Community, to fully involve these regions in the dynamic of the internal market, and to assist them to catch up economically and socially.


The programme is based on the twofold principle that the autonomous Portuguese regions of Madeira and the Azores form an integral part of the Community and that the regional reality, characterized by the special features and constraints specific to the regions concerned as distinct from the Community as a whole, must be recognized.

Better integration will be achieved by establishing an appropriate framework for the application of common policies in these regions and full involvement in the internal market by making optimum use of existing Community regulations and instruments.

The first programme of this kind was POSEIDOM (1990-1994), set up for the French overseas departments and a similar one, POSEICAN, has been set up for the Canary Islands.


Three areas:

- Application of common policies:
. Transport;
. Fisheries;
. Taxation;
. Social matters;
. Research and technological development;
. Protection of the environment;

- Specific measures to mitigate the effects of the exceptional geographical situation:
. Agricultural products for consumption and processing;
. Oil transport;

- Specific measures to support products:
. Research, harvesting, presentation and processing, transport, storage, marketing and commercial promotion of bananas;
. Temporary aid for development, marketing, economic analysis and forward planning study of fruit, vegetables, live plants and flowers;
. Fish;
. Measures to assist small craft businesses with regard to occupational training, access to new technology and the use of such technology, and access to new markets.


The drafting, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the operations and measures contained in the programme are carried out in partnership by the Commission and the competent national and regional authorities. Efforts are made to ensure that the programme operations and those conducted at national and regional levels complement each other as far as possible. Implementation of the measures and operations set out in the programme were in principle carried out before 31 December 1992, through the adoption either by the Council or by the Commission, as appropriate, of the necessary legal acts, in accordance with the provisions and procedures laid down in the Treaty.

Within six months of the start of this programme, the Council or the Commission, as appropriate, will adopt measures intended to alleviate the impact of the additional costs involved in maintaining supplies of agricultural products resulting from the remote and insular nature of the Azores and Madeira.

The Commission decided on structural action to assist the banana sector, without waiting for the adoption of common rules, due to the economic and social importance of bananas. With a view to improving the conditions of production and competition, such action includes measures concerning research, harvesting, presentation and processing, transport, storage, marketing and commercial promotion.

The Commission reports annually to the European Parliament and the Council on progress in the implementation of the programme and, if appropriate, proposes any adjustment measures deemed necessary to attain the objectives.
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