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Programme funding

EUR 5,3 million
To explore the possibilities of science and technology cooperation between the Community and Mediterranean third countries in the two areas of protection of the environment and health.


A resolution on scientific and technological (S & T) cooperation with countries and organisations outside Europe is made to assess possibilities and evaluate results, ensure appropriate investment conditions in international S & T cooperation and to provide focus in international cooperation. (Official Journal C 267 of 14.10.1991). The Commission has launched several preparatory actions in order to explore the possibilities of science and technology cooperation between the Community and Mediterranean third countries in two areas of mutual interest, namely, protection of the environment and health. The activities financed under this programme are based on the historic, economic and cultural links between the Community and the countries concerned. They come under the legal framework of the agreements concluded between these countries and the Community.

The following actions are envisaged:
- Joint research projects associating organizations and private and public enterprises of the European Community with those of Mediterranean third countries in the specified areas;
- Scientific mobility through the award of post doctoral fellowships to scientists from the third countries.


Six areas of action:

- Organic and inorganic pollutants and their effects on the environment and the evaluation of risks to human health;

- Clean technology and treatment or utilization of waste:
. Substitution of dangerous substances;
. Reduction of emissions;

- Desertification in Mediterranean zones:
. Extent and dynamics;
. Regional impact and control;

- Improvement and conservation of water resources:
. Desalination;
. Water resources prospection;

- Prevention and control of predominant diseases:
. Diarrhoea and leishmaniasis;

- Development and circulation of scientific and technical information and promotion of cooperation between universities and enterprises in Member States and the Mediterranean third countries concerned, in the priority areas retained.


The Commission is responsible for implementation of the initiative. It is open to all persons, organizations and research institutes established in the Member States of the European Community and in the Mediterranean third countries concerned, namely, Algeria, Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Malta, Syria, Turkey and Tunisia.

Joint projects will be the subject of shared-cost research and technological development contracts. The Community financial contribution will not normally exceed 50% of total costs, the remainder being provided by the partners. However, in the case of universities and the research centres established in the Community and of all institutions established in developing countries, the Community may contribute up to 100% of additional costs. For the shared-costs action, a higher rate might be contributed to developing country partners, especially for research equipment that is required by the project and will remain in the developing country after the project has ended.

The shared-cost research actions should be carried out by partners established in the Community and by at least two participants established in different Mediterranean third countries. They should include at least two independent partners established in different Mediterranean third countries and at least one partner established in a Community Member State. Priority will be given to projects which might have a visible impact at a regional level.

Proposed research may be applied or fundamental. Applied research should be of a precompetitive nature. Pilot or demonstration projects are not eligible for financial support.

The budget allocation for the initiative in 1992 was ECU 5 million and in 1993 it is ECU 5.3 million. Two calls for proposals have been made under this initiative (Official Journal C 173 of 9.7.1992 and Official Journal C 158 of 10.6.1993).
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