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Programme funding

EUR 228 million

Official Journal Reference

L 196 of 1993-08-05

Legislative Reference

93/424/CEE of 1993-07-22
To ensure the accelerated development of the market for advanced satellite and cable television services in Europe using the 16:9 format and using 625 or 1250 scanning lines, and the achievement of a critical mass of advanced television services in the 16:9 format and a sufficient and increasing volume of programming in that 16:9 format


The Community, through Council Decisions 89/337/EEC of 19XX and 89/630/EEC of 19XX, recognized the strategic importance of high definition television (HDTV) for the European consumer electronics industry and for the European television and film industries, and established the strategy framework for the introduction of European HDTV.

The targets set for the action plan are the achievement of:
- A critical mass of satellite television services, using the D2-MAC standard, particularly in its 16:9 format, or the HD-MAC standard;
- A significant and constantly increasing number of cable TV networks carrying high quality 16:9 D2-MAC services to their customers;
- A significant and increasing volume of programming in the 16:9 format and with high technical quality both in picture and sound, such programming to be broadcast in the abovementioned services.

The Community, through Council Decision 93/424/EEC, has now agreed an action plan for the introduction of advanced television services in Europe.


Information not presently available.


The execution of the action plan will be undertaken by the Commission. The approach will be service focused.

Annual calls for proposals covering projects for services will be made. These shall be organized on the basis of first a combined call for transmission and programme production followed by two further calls later within the 12 month period for programme production only. At least 50% of the funds will be allocated to programme production. Preference will be given to projects where the matching funds come from the economic actors. Before being eligible for Community funds the project must have received a firm commitment of funds from other sources for 50% of the costs falling within the scope of the action plan. Eligibility for Community funding in respect of the remainder of the costs where the project:
.- Is submitted by a recognized service provider with a proven track record in the field of television service provision ;
.- Proposes to provide a service involving at least 50 hours of broadcasting per year in the 16 : 9 format and using 625 or 1250 scanning lines ; - is based on transmission systems of high quality featuring the 16:9 format including, inter alia, MAC/HDMAC, further developments of existing European TV standards. Criteria for selection of projects will be reviewed on an annual basis according to the procedure provided for under Article 4 of the Decision.

Sufficient Community funding will be held in reserve in order to ensure that Member States' markets that are not fully served in the early stages of the implementation of the action plan can be served towards the end of the period. In order to serve these markets, a quantity of ECU 68 million is held in reserve for allocation after 1 January 1995.
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